HYPOCRISY & HATE: Professor Who Decried Chareidim Didn’t Serve In IDF Herself


A female protester who condemned Chareidim for not serving in the IDF and “not being Jews” at a protest outside the home of Housing Minister Yitzchak Goldknopf on Tuesday, didn’t serve in the army or perform national service herself, it was revealed on Wednesday by journalist Yishay Fridman.

Ironically, a Chassid she confronted at the protest served in the IDF for three years and employs dozens of workers at the company he owns.

The protester is Prof. Elise Brezis, a professor of economics at Bar-Ilan University and the director of the Azrieli Center for Economic Policy in Israel. Brezis is originally from a Chassidish background and her brother is a Rav. She has been an outspoken opponent of the government’s plan for judicial reform, claiming that passing the reform [that will align Israel’s judiciary to that of other Western countries] will “lead to the collapse of Israel’s economy.”

Fridman wrote: “The ‘Brothers In Arms’ organization invited Prof. Elise Brezis to a protest against Chareidim and Minister Goldknopf. Why specifically her? Because she detests Chareidim. In her words, she believes that they aren’t Jews and are part of a cult. The irony: during the protest, they targeted a Chareidi man who served in the army. Another irony: Prof. Brezis didn’t serve in the army or perform national service.”

“The whole connection between Brezis and ‘Brothers In Arms’ is that both sides detest the Chareidim.”

Fridman also pointed out that “by the way, Brezis proves that it is possible to contribute to the country even without serving in the army.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The nice thing about free speech is that if you give people the opportunity to speak freely they will eventually tell you exactly who they really are. The Telavivians have exposed themselves as hypocrites and hateful humans, destroying the popularity of their own movement in the process.

  2. How is that hypocracy? The hilonim don’t object to chareidim for not serving in the army. The object to the hareidim existing. The whole idea of zionism was to get rid of frumkeit, and they are objecting to the Yidden who never got the message.

  3. They like to portray the Charedim as parasites yet they take billions from the US in foreign aid.They need to be reminded of that uncomfortable fact.