AGAIN: Huge Neis In Huwara, Terrorist Shoots Car 12 Times, Israeli Only Lightly Wounded

The windows of the car were shattered by 12 bullets but in a neis, the driver sustained only a scratch. (Photo: Shomron Regional Council; IDF forces in Huwara. (AP File Photo/Majdi Mohammed)

A terrorist opened fire at an Israeli civilian driving near Huwara on the way to his home in the Shomron on Tuesday evening.

In a neis, the 28-year-old driver was only lightly wounded despite the fact that that the car was hit by 12 bullets, shattering the windows, including the one next to his baby’s car seat [who was Baruch Hashem not in the car at the time.]

He continued driving and after arriving in the Shomron, was treated by paramedics for a minor scratch on his shoulder from a glass shard.

IDF forces launched a manhunt for the terrorist, who fled the scene following the attack.

The attack follows numerous terror attacks in Huwara in recent months, with the most recent one wounding two Israeli soldiers.

Chairman of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, responded to the atttack by stating: “This situation cannot continue. Israeli citizens are under fire on their way to their homes. There’s a way to stop this game of Russian roulette – restore the security checkpoints. We were a step away from another levaya, another bereaved family, chalilah. This government cannot continue to rely on nissim. We demand that the third intifada that is raging here be stopped.”

The videos below show IDF forces arriving at the scene and the launch of searches of the area:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)