Breakdown of Beit Shemesh City Council Seats


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abutbulThe election is over and the winner has been declared. The non-chareidi camp is aware that this time around, it will have to accept the voice of the people as Mayor Rabbi Moshe Abutbul was elected for a third time.

Abutbul received 19,401 (51%) votes compared to Eli Cohen with 18,643 (49%), taking the mayoral race by 758 votes.

In the city council Shas lost a seat to the Koach list, which emerged the big winner.

City council breakdown (alphabetical order)

Agudas Yisrael: 2

Aleph: 1

Balish:” 1

Bayit Yehudi: 3

Chen (Degel Hatorah): 3

Kaf: 2

Koach (Shlomei Emunim): 2

Likud: 3

Shas: 2

Tov: failed to pass minimum threshold

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Overall the Chareidi coalition picked up a seat compared to the original Round-1 election, now giving them an outright council majority.

    Therefore, the anti-Chareidim were double losers for demanding and getting a new election. Not only did the Chareidi mayor keep his job, but for the very reason that there was a new election the Chareidim now control the council whereas they would not have under the original election.

  2. Sifsei,
    What’s your point, now that the chareidi candidate is holding on to his seat you need to find another way to rash him?
    First of all whats your definition of a rabbi?
    Secondly, rabbi Abutbul has actually taught talmidim for many years if that marks him Rabbi,

  3. Im in no way trying to bash him or any other chareidim but just like I don’t like to see MK rabbi lipman or piron I don’t like to see rav asher. They are now politicians not rabbonim, a Rov is someone whose only thing is halacha and nothing else