Leftist Wishes Death To Netanyahu & His Wife, Crowd Cheers

Illustrative. Israelis protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in Tel Aviv, Israel, Tuesday, July 18, 2023. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

It seems like there really are no limits to the left-wing incitement against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the right-wing government. A left-wing protester on Motzei Shabbos conveyed his wishes for the deaths of Netanyahu and his wife, and the crowd actually cheered in approval.

A video of the protest, which took place outside the studio of Channel 14 News, was posted by one of the channel’s reporters.

In the video, the protester can be heard saying: “I hope that the health of the couple,
one who was recently hospitalized in the surgical department [Sara Netanyahu was briefly hospitalized over the weekend], and the other suffering from dehydration and hospitalized in the Tel Hashomer Heart Institute – we hope to see them next year in the cemetery.”

Netanyahu addressed the rampant incitement against him and the government at the Cabinet meeting on Sunday.

“A prominent activist in the left-wing protests calls government ministers ‘Nazis.’ Another prominent activist wrote on Twitter to the government ministers, ‘You are worse than the Nazis.’ Just a few hours after these appalling statements, and at last night’s left-wing protest in Modi’in, the protesters called for the deaths of my wife and I. ‘You should be in the cemetery already next year.'”

Netanyahu criticized the opposition leaders, saying, “So far, none of the opposition leaders have seen fit to condemn these serious incidents. I call on them to do so and to join us in calming the tensions among the people.”

“I expect law enforcement agencies to act vigorously against incitement and hold those who incite accountable. Almost nothing significant has been done so far against this blatant incitement. Freedom to protest is not freedom to incite.”

“If we act together with the right spirit and refuse to allow this extremism, I believe we will indeed achieve a better and sweeter year. And that’s what I wish for all the citizens of Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This are not Jewish even not gojim this are monkeys who have no manners.And the shame is that their Friends
    Lapid Liebermann and Ganz staying quite and allowing such things.

  2. The extreme left is really crazy. Why? They lost BIG. The religious have taken over and will soon be a majority and the left’s hedonistic atheistic life style is in danger.

  3. In the USA such a wish would be protected speech, and it would be illegal for the police or secret service to do anything that could have a chilling effect on it. But Israel has no freedom of speech, and anyone who would publicly utter such a curse against a leftist prime minister would immediately be arrested; to nobody’s surprise, however, when it’s a right-wing prime minister the standard is different and the police suddenly respect the freedom of expression.