WATCH: Self-Hating Israelis Slander The Jewish State On “60 Minutes”

In order to appeal to US progressives in a 60 Minutes broadcast, Brothers in Arms protesters changed their name to "Brothers and Sisters in Arms" and shamelessly spread lies about Israel to the world. (Screenshot/Likud MK Ariel Kallner)

A recent 60 Minutes episode featured an interview with four members of the Israeli Achim L’Neshek (Brothers in Arms) protest group, which is not only one of the leading groups in the anti-government protests but is also responsible for the anti-Chareidi protests that took place in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem and the protests outside the homes of government figures.

The protest activists not only had no qualms about slandering the Israeli government to the world with their meaningless statements about the “end of democracy” but they even adopted the worst lies of Israel’s enemies, that “Israel is an occupier that kills children.”

Likud MK Ariel Kallner responded by stating: “I saw the full 60 Minutes episode and here are two things that the Israeli media for some reason did not quote:
1. The progressive American audience wouldn’t lend a hand to gender segregation so the crooks actually had shirts printed in English and convinced the reporter that they call their organization ‘Brothers and Sisters in Arms.’
2. Ending the occupation is the main goal.”

“It’s clear now that the organization’s goal is delegitimizing the State of Israel,” Kallner continued. “As the chairman of the lobby for the fight against antisemitism and delegitimization, I call for it to be treated accordingly. From the moment this organization chose to slander Israel to the world as committing war crimes and defined the extreme goals it’s striving for, it has no legitimacy in the Israeli domestic discourse except for absolute condemnation – just like the Breaking the Silence organization.”

Journalist Caroline Glick wrote: “This woman is a liar. The IDF never orders or permits bombing children. These Israeli anarchists are perpetrating a blood libel against the Israel Air Force, the IDF, and the State of Israel. This isn’t about judicial reform. These people hate Israel.”

Likud MK Chanoch Milwidsky stated: “‘Israel is bombing and killing children.’ This is the false, contemptible, and anti-Zionist narrative that ‘Brothers in Arms’ are transmitting to the world. This is the next generation of ‘Breaking the Silence’ – full-on BDS.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is out of context. Post the whole interview. She was saying that she does not think twice if ordered to target a house with terrorists even if children are there, but she needs to know that the democraticly elected leader giving orders to the army is of high moral standing to take a risk like that.

  2. They only wanted the Israel for their luster if it’s not that they will take back like butter in the hand and they hate the life the soul of Zionism will self destruct trust God

  3. Hope and pray, these filthy treasonous self-hating rabies-infected sewer rats, have their throats cut by an Arab terrorist they so love and end up in hell where they belong.

  4. Each of those Israelis have contributed more to the State of Israel than every Yeshiva draft dodger in Israel combined. And they are not waiting for a check each month for the zero contribution they make.

  5. chugi,

    Why in the world would you have such gruesome desires for another Jew?

    What makes you different from them?

    How can you say such a horrible thing about a Jew? Why in the world would you pray for a Jew to be killed by terrorists!?

    What a sick and disgusting comment.

    (Obviously, the interview was also sick, and made me mad. But this comment made me even madder. We’re falling into the same trap of Jew-hatred as these people r”l)