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Rabbi Ronsky: We Have More in Common with Lapid than with the Chareidim

ronskyClearly little has been learned by some members of the dati leumi community as former IDF Chief Rabbi Avichai Ronsky is quoted saying that his community still has more in common with the secularists and Yesh Atid than with the chareidim.

Using his Facebook page to get the message out, Rabbi Ronsky on Sunday, 21 Adar II explained the common denominator between the dati leumi and secular community represented by Yair Lapid. Ronsky feels the political deal reached between Yesh Atid and Bayit Yehudi was mutually beneficial, leading to betterment for each party and collectively for the state.

Rabbi Ronsky feels that with all the machlokes, Yesh Atid and Bayit Yehudi are on the same page regarding key issues, including education, the nation’s economy, national defense and “the other issues pertaining to the State of Israel” while the same cannot be said regarding Bayit Yehudi and the chareidim.

For some, Rabbi Ronsky’s words come as a surprise while for others; the cat is out of the bag.

In his post Ronsky also used the opportunity to criticize MK Yoni Chetboun for violating coalition discipline and voting against the new draft law.

Rabbi Ronsky feels the headlines in the chareidi media resulted in additional support for one who compromised party unity and such a reality is needless and damaging.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. If one holds, as many Dati Leumi do, that there is a mitsvah for Jews at this time to rule Eretz Yisrael and to expel (preferably bloodlessly, but if not possible, by force) the goyim who stand in the way, and further hold that this mitsvah is more important than the mitsvah of preserving one’s life (pikuach nefesh) — then you will hold that the hareidim are heretics (who prefer Limud Torah and the 613 mitsvos other than conquering the land form the goyim), and you will in fact have much more in common with secular zionists (whose culture is based on subjugating the Arabs) than with the frum Jews.

  2. Some claim dati leumi is really a fig leaf for the Israeli secular government. That their religious devotion philosophy is to do the minimum allowed.
    That the main passion of life is devotion to the modern state of Israel.
    If that is true and affirmed by this dati leumi rabbi by stating he has more in common than atheists than torah observant torah studying Jews who protest that their youth studying in yeshivas should not be jailed for learning torah, then that is eye opening and bewildering at the same time. As for me, my first loyalty s to Torah and Judaism, not the modern state of Israel that was proclaimed from 1948.

  3. “Ronsky feels the political deal reached between Yesh Atid and Bayit Yehudi was mutually beneficial, leading to betterment for each party and collectively for the state.”

    In other words, country first, G-d last.

  4. I feel sorry for those D”L that are dedicated to the Torah. This person’s statements must come as an embarrassment.

    I think there is going to have to be a visually definitive split within the D”L camp to distinguish between who believes in the Torah and feels that he is obligated to serve in the army and who uses the Torah as an excuse to server in the army. The later being a form of Avodah Zorah in my mind.

  5. Hasn’t the Satmar Rebbe zt”l and other Gedole Yisrael said this over 60 years ago? Then they wonder why Gedole Yisrael call them Erev Rav or Amalekim. We must post this article all over for posterity.

  6. Satmar Rabbi said many times

    ” The Agudah was a bridge to Mizrachi, and the Mizrachi was a bridge to secular Zionism”.

  7. I hope no one gets offended if I don’t call Ronski rabbi someone who takes a position against the leaders does not deserve the title. It is time we figured out that even if you know how to read a book it doesn’t make you special I miss you know how to deliver a good sermon it doesn’t make you important either

  8. Mr. Kuperman- YOU certainly have more in common with Yesh Atid than with chareidim. You don’t learn Torah and neither do they.

  9. Rabbi ronsky is a ba’al teshuva, or at least someone who discovered torah later in life. This is a case for why only someone who is religious from birth may serve as a Rabbi. He lacks mesorah.

  10. It’s just as true to say: “Satmar is a bridge to Neturei Karta, Neturei Karta is a bridge to Islam”…

    Stop pointing a finger to which Gadol was right, because you will not win that argument.

  11. I don’t understand the problem here. The Chareidi politicians have been saying they have more in common with Labor then with Likud.

    Labor, if we need to be reminded, is the party of Ben Gurion and his spritual successors who said a cow in Eretz Yisroel is worth more then a Charedi person.

  12. Thank You Reb A Kuperman for once again shining Truth and Light upon the darkness that prevails coming in from outside the Torah world. You, akuperma, have your priorities and Torah hashkafa straight and help explain and elucidate to the Bnei Torah what the Sonei Torah are trying to do. Pay no heed to the sonim here that are afraid of you and denigrate you. You, like all Ehriche Yidden, are the scorn of the haters of the Torah including the ones that frequent this place.

  13. #18- Kuperman a shining light? Ha! That’s a joke. In your view then, someone who spends ALL DAY posting online is a shining light. Wow! Your view of a Ben Torah and a Sonei Torah is completely screwed up.

  14. Toras Moshe #18: +1. Well said. akuperma is a credit to this website and brings forth Torah-True views that we hear from the leaders of Klal Yisroel.

  15. To be melamed zchus, it is possible that the good rabbi meant something much more mundane. It might be that they coincidentally see eye to eye on many state issues (i.e. support everyone productively serve the nation in the army or national service and other issues) – as if to say it would be easier to talk over a cup of coffee with a secular/traditional zionist than a chareidi from Bnei Brak or Mea Shearim. Quantitatively, we spend more time on the relatively mundane parts of life – tending to kids, family concerns, parnassah. The bigger issue of a vision of a world redeemed and HaShem’s name permeating all elements of life and the priority of HaShem in everything we do might still be of utmost importance to both DL and Chareidi – but on the mundane, the chaye sha’a – elements of life, the DL might be more comfortable with the traditional secular zionists. Sorry AKuperma if that model breaks your black/white view of the world…

  16. #22- Leaders of Klal Yisrael do not advocate sitting by a computer and commenting on YWN all day. In fact, if you asked them, I guarantee you they would say that one should LEARN Torah, not write about the fact that it is not being learnt or followed. But I suppose in your worldview as well as #18, bittel Torah is more important.

    How messed up is that?

  17. #24: Not nearly as much as you and your rabid anti-Torah r’l secularist points of views that you constantly express and harp on when commenting here frequently.

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