Van Falls Into Sinkhole In Boro Park


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A van owner returned to his vehicle Sunday morning to discover it was stuck in a sinkhole.

The sinkhole formed on 39th Street and New Utrecht Avenue in Borough Park.

Officials from the Office of Emergency Management and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection were on the scene to assess the hole. A tow truck eventually pulled the van from the hole.

Neighbors say they could not believe what had occurred. Some of them blame nearby sidewalk construction for the sinkhole.

The van’s owner says he is relieved that his daughter was not in the car and that no one was hurt.

(Source: News12)


  1. I’m glad the van was pulled out of the sinkhole. I saw the YWN story posted earlier about how the Chinese think the Jews control the world, and I was afraid they put the sinkhole in Boro Park to trap a van full of Jews and have them fall to China to reveal the secrets of the Jews.

  2. #1: Sorry, if you drill a hole through the center of the earth from Boro Park, you will wind up no where near China. In fact, you’ll wind up in the Indian Ocean near where the Malaysian plane crashed.

  3. No. 2: So you think that if they didn’t pull that truck out of the sinkhole, the truck would have led us to that missing plane? Why not – they have tried everything else.