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Orthodox Jewish Mother Cared For 150 Foster Children In Kansas

Rose Marchick, an Orthodox Jewish mother of five children from Olathe Kansas, has decided to utilize her education and her abilities to help over 150 children with mental and emotional disorders by providing them with foster care, according to a profile featured on

Rose holds a Phd in psychology as well as several masters in related fields. Children who come into who care are found to be very difficult to handle due to their disorders and consequently have difficulty finding foster care anywhere else. Some of the disorders include fetal alcohol syndrome, bipolar syndrome and schizophrenia.

“It’s tikkun olam (repairing the world),” says Marchick. “You cannot save the world, but you can do what is in front of you. Most good things are hard.”

(Aliza Levine – YWN)

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  1. “tikkun olam” is NOT a shomer torah umitzvos concept. Thats the reform. sorry.

    besides there isnt a speck of judiasm in Olathe Kansas. The closest jewish anything is Overland Park, some 15 miles away.

  2. The fact is the woman did an empathetic act – regardless Mark Levin – if tikkun olam is not a shomer torah umitzvos concept. Nowadays, it unfortunately appears that being insular and unkind to other Jews is such a concept.

    Yermia – Who cares? The caregiver is Jewish and that’s the point of the story.

  3. #3 Mark Levin;

    Actually Olathe is not 15 miles away, it is about 10 from the center of each and from the edge of Olathe to the frum area in overland one can walk in about 45-55 minutes, so for shabbos it might be a bit of a walk, but not that strange for an out of town community. It’s very close by

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