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Tel Aviv: Chosson Injured Breaking the Glass Under the Chupah

chupA chosson injured his foot as he broke the glass under the chupah on Sunday night 11 Iyar in a chasenah hall on HaTzifira Street in Tel Aviv. Ichud Hatzalah responded to the call and the chosson was treated and able to continue with the simcha.

EMT Yehuda Hildesheim explains the chosson had a deep cut in his foot but he decided he would only seek medical care after the chasenah, at which time he would go to a hospital to have it treated as required.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Seriously guys- let’s think like YERMIA and not discuss how they couldn’t get married during sefira.
    attitude means everything

  2. לדעת כמה פוסקים, רק מנישואין של רשות נמנעים, כגון מי שכבר היה נשוי וקיים מצוות פריה ורביה, אולם מי שעדיין לא קיים מצוות פריה ורביה, יכול להינשא בימי ספירת העומר, שמצוות הנישואין דוחה מנהג. -רדב”ז, פר”ח

  3. Getting married is a Chiyuv mideOrraisso whereas mourning during the Omer is at most a Minhog, so the only message appearing on this forum should be Mazol Tov Wishes & a Refu’oh Sheleimo, and may Klal Israel experience many more marriages.

  4. Vuckovicher – YOU are utterly disgusting. It’s not true. They are Matir only on Yom HaAtzmaut itself.

    Regardless, Yermia and 147 are right – many Poskim hold that the only weddings which can’t take place are those of Reshut, not those of a Chiyuv – such as two people who never had children.

  5. I want to make a Takkana that we should stop breaking glass under the Chuppa. It is dangerous. Hey! Nobody is listening to me. Such division between us.

  6. happened to a friend of mine in tel aviv years ago. his wife had to bandage him, etc in the yichud room.

    All was ok. their son is finishing his service in tzahal.

  7. RabbiYoni,
    And just allowing it on that day is fine with you?
    Also, I see them not shaving till then, and continuing shaving afterwards.

  8. Breaking a glass is also “at most a minhag”. Breaking a glass while breaking a minhag – here you have the results.

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