VIDEO: Waqf Turns Har Habayis into a Garbage Dump


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When a group of Jews affiliated with the Haifa-based National Vision organization visited Har Habayis on Sunday 11 Iyar, they were pained at the sight before their eyes, seeing how the Islamic Waqf uses areas of the holiest site in the world as a garbage dump. They saw the street cleaning machine preparing to dump its contents on the existing dump which is in the area of the Azarah of the Beis Hamikdash. They tried speaking with police, but the latter were too busy filming the Jews to make certain if they do anything wrong, they would have video evidence to use against them.

The video shows members of the Haifa group creating a disturbance over the incident and trying to get the identification of the driver of the street cleaner. The Islamic policemen made certain this did not happen. The police refused to give their own identifying information as well.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Mark your position makes no sense: If I said let us start Gog Umagog so that Mashiach would come would you also say yes???

    The Rambam writes that we should not try to understand all the Nevuot of Geulah and when they happen we will understand.

    Right now we should scream in protest over this terrible chillul Har HaBayit in the same way we would cry out over Chilul Beit Knesset.

    But most of the religious will not cry and the reason is simple. They do not really want the Mikdash, yes they “mourn”, but the Mikdash has been regulated to the heavens and we have become accustomed to our state of existence without it. We have turned the Mikdash into our national pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The rainbow is actually a circle and you will never get to the pot of Gold and it is time to say the truth, we like it that way.

    Time to bring the Mikdash back down to earth where it was intended and commanded by Hashem to be.