Israel Seeks UN Recognition of Yom Kippur


yomkIt is an annual event in which the Israeli representative to the United Nations asks that the General Assembly held in September does not conflict with Yom Kippur. Now, Israel is taking a different approach, calling on the United Nations to recognize the holy day.

Ambassador Ron Prosor explains the international organization recognizes tens of holidays in Christianity and Islam and it is time to add Yom Kippur to that list. To date, not a single Jewish holiday is recognized as an official holiday by the United Nations.

Prosor is calling on his colleagues to recognize the day which his observed by Jews around the world. He explains it is a day of prayer and not work, a day on which Jews reflect inwards. He now asks the UN to recognize the day, a practice that has been done for other religions and their holiday.

It is believed that the request will pass as was the case when asked for recognition of memorializing the Holocaust.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)