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PHOTOS: Warning To All Those Who Exercise In Prospect Park; Prank Leaves Man With Serious Injuries



Many people exercise in Prospect Park, especially now that the warm weather has arrived. Thousands of Brooklynites use the park to go bike riding, while other walk, jog or run on the paths. But YWN has learned that what is believed to be a sick prank, has left a bike rider hospitalized with serious injuries.

Sources tell YWN that two Frum men from Flatbush were biking through the park around 10:30PM, Tuesday night, when one of the bikers suddenly flew off his bike, and landed on the hard pavement in extreme pain. His partner jumped off his bike, and noticed that someone had tied a hard rope across the bike path, in what appears to be some type of sick prank. One end of the rope (twine) was wrapped around a fire hydrant. [See exclusive photos attached]

Hatzolah and the NYPD were called, and the victim was transported to the Lutheran Trauma Center, where he has six broken ribs, a broken arm, as well as other injuries.

The police took a report, and removed the string. It is unknown if this has happened before, or what action is being taken by the police to ensure that the park remains safe for visitors.

Please inform anyone you know who uses the park of this incident, and to remain alert at all times.

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(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


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  1. Everyone relax, this has been DEBUNKED. I checked with a friend who belongs to the Prospect Park Track Club and she forwarded me the following information sent around by their Community Outreach Coordinator:
    I have confirmed with Lt. Perrone and the NYPD that there was an accident but that the rope was not tied across the drive as stated in the article. There was a bright yellow rope attached to a hydrant with the loose end lying in the pedestrian lane and the rope got caught in the cyclist’s spokes causing the accident. No malicious intent is suspected and there were no broken bones reported on site. According to the police officers who were on site, the person who was in the accident only had a few scrapes and bruises but was taken to the hospital to be checked up on after asking to go.
    So yeah, be safe everyone, but nobody’s out to get ya (I mean, no more than normal anyway).

    Editors Note: The Lieutenant is a L-I-A-R. The victim has 6 broken ribs, and a broken arm, and there was a rope deliberately tied across the bike path. Lt. Perrone is in for some big surprises coming his way. Stay tuned right here.

  2. I am a CLOSE FRIEND to the victim. The Lt story is the farthest thing from the truth.

    He has MANY FRACTURES. How can an official so blatantly deny facts??

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