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Lapid to Chareidim: You Will Accept Our Values

lapIn his address to the annual Bar Association conference in Eilat, Finance Minister Yair Lapid stated that if the government moves ahead in the direction of unilateral steps towards annexing areas of Yehuda and Shomron, it will mark the end of the current coalition. Lapid added that his Yesh Atid party will also not tolerate new construction outside so-called settlement blocs; areas that he and other left-wingers feel are included in the national consensus and would remain under Israeli control in an agreement with the PA (Palestinian Authority).

Lapid also addressed his policies vis-à-vis the chareidi tzibur. He explained that “Every chareidi MK who meets with non frum Jews insists the sharing the burden concept will not be successful. However when they speak with one another it is a different story.

Lapid commented on the agreement reached between the government and Shas’ Mayan Chinuch education network. He stated the coalition will design workable programs and after a great deal of dispute the deal with Shas was made and the school system will include core subject matter such as math and English.

Most of all Lapid stressed the rule has returned to the sovereign government “and we no tell the chareidim these are our values and you will accept them”.

And to continue his mantra, Lapid added that a democratic state cannot tolerate mehadrin bus lines for one does not send women to the back of a bus in 2014. He warns if this is the case “Tomorrow the chareidi tzibur will not have a bus”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. לפיד משחקת אם אש

    “Lapid to Chareidim: You Will Accept Our Values”

    chareidim to lapid:
    perhaps when hell friezes over.

  2. Wow! Arrogant son-of-a-gun, isn’t he? And how would he respond if Chareidim laid down the rules, saying you chilonim will accept OUR ways??? Of cxourse, that can’t happen because they are fragmented & don’t have much power. So. What now? Do the frum MK’s call his bluff & risk giving him even more power? Or do they lie down & play dead?

  3. Lapid:
    Sorry buddy, but force ain’t gonna help in this case. perhaps you just have to admit that your hate filled approach just isn’t working. How about trying a little love and understanding towards those of us who try to keep Eretz Yisroel holy? Respect other’s points of views and you might just find that they will respect you in turn. Shoving your doctrine down their throats just has the opposite effect, as you have already seen. Or maybe you were too blinded by your arrogance to see that.

  4. Unfortunately, a hundred years ago many frum yidden accepting the Zionist values, as well as those of the socialists, bundists, yiddishists, etc. I don’t think we should be resting on our laurels and assuming that what he says will not ch”v come true.

  5. Once again, a YWN headline is at odds with the content of the headlined article. Compare the headline with the penultimate paragraph.

    And since when does Yair Lapid speak Enlish like a native American in a 1940’s Western movie, as the article reports in the penultimate paragraph: “’and we no tell the chareidim these are our values and you will accept them’”.


  6. There is only one logical way to explain this. THIS IS ALL MIN HASHAMAYIM!! Hashem is making life hard for us so we should BEG for Moshiach!
    When life is great and easy, who needs Moshiach? If we don’t cry when things are easy, Hashem HAS to make it difficult for us to we get our head straight and BEG for the Geula!

  7. Ummm, Computerbubby… the chilonim DO have to accept the chareidi ways. When it comes to marriage, divorce, conversion, kashrut, Shabbat and Yom Tov. In order for a Jewish couple to marry in Israel without a Rabbinate (chareidi) rabbi, they have to leave the country. Stores, for the most part, are closed on Shabbat and Yom Tov. Employers give their workers off and schools are closed for JEWISH holidays. Compare this to America and tell me how the chareidim don’t tell chilonim what to do.

    That being said, I support all of these things. It’s a Jewish state. It’s far more Jewish than you folks make it out to be.

    Finally, I don’t bother with this anymore, and it was stated above, but the headline and the article are complete opposites. YWN ginning up trouble? Why do you keep doing this?

  8. Rashbak, you know what I mean. I live here too. Do you want me to give a possible list of “Charedi mandates”? That would actually be a waste of time, I know you get it, you are obviously a smart person. But let me just drop one: mandating Torah education (& I mean FULL, authentic Torah education, not the watered-down versions some schools currently have) in every single school.

  9. “a hundred years ago many frum yidden accepting the Zionist values, as well as those of the socialists, bundists, yiddishists, etc. ”

    A lot of gedolim supported Zionism, include R’Reines, R’Kook, R’Soloveitchik, and R’Herzog. And the charedi (and dati) political parties strongly supported and continue to support the generous welfare state set up by the non-religious socialists who ruled Medinat Yisrael for its first 28 years of existence.

  10. Charlie:
    No gadol ever supported Zionism. There were some Rabbis who were in favor of Chovivei Tzion, which was a non-political movement to settle Eretz Yisrael. Of those, there were some who we know retracted that support later on when they realized what the gedolim like Rav Hirsch called “no small aveira”.

  11. What a shame, that this dog and his colleagues, give more Kavod to the Avi Avos Hatumah that just left, then the Jewish citizens who are following and studying Hashems Torah!

  12. Editor: that was an experiment. I wanted to see how far I could go. I had a bet with myself that you wouldn’t allow that comment out of moderation, no matter how politely I expressed it.

    I don’t expect this one to get out of moderation, either, and I won’t be coming back, so I’ll leave you with this: you people are hopeless. You deserve what is happening to you.

    Moderators Response: Your comment was never even read. We didn’t like your username. Instant delete.

  13. “Moderators Response: Your comment was never even read. We didn’t like your username. Instant delete.”

    Well said, well done. Ashreichem, Moderators.

  14. Rabosai, don’t despair!
    Hashem raised Haman high to the position of mishne la’melech and with that he was in a position to hurt us only to have him hang on a tree that he prepared for the best of us. Yair Lapid is today a king maker in the Medinat Israel. Neither Netanyahu, nor Bennet can do anything without Lapid. His downfall is very near. The higher he got, the worse will be his downfall. The rasha should have learned from his dad, but he didn’t. Too bad for him.

    Baruch HaShem, the only one cheering for him on this thread is ………… of course, our Charlie Horse.

  15. Computerbubby – 100% I agree and support the idea of full Torah education in all schools in Israel. Not at the expense of a good secular education, as Israelis lead the world in science and technology development. But in addition to. If they can teach Gemara in public high schools in South Korea, they can do it in Tel Aviv.

  16. Is it wrong for me to be curious about what apikores posted? It sounds so horrible …I’m a subject of major curiosity. Although I don’t understand why he said you guys deserve wats happen to you, ywn or klal Yisroel in general? Oish I’m suffering from curiosity syndrome …

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