VIDEO: Slomiansky Used Finance Committee Time Wisely



MK (Bayit Yehudi) Nissim Slomiansky is the chairman of the powerful Knesset Finance Committee. When the chairman realized that he was the only one who arrived for a session on time, he decided rather than waiting for the other committee members to arrive he would use the time wisely. He approved 880 million shekels in funding single handedly.

While committee members were out, Slomiansky played at the expense of chareidi chinuch. He held a vote immediately amid the realization no one was present to object to the votes, hence passing the decision.

In this case, when chareidi MKs arrived only a few short minutes later they realized 41 million NIS was taken from Shas’ education for yeshivos that encourage IDF service, with the latter receiving 110 million NIS. Needless to say when this was realized it led to angry shouts and demands to cancel the decisions, which Slomiansky said he would not do. Another allocation in the amount of 78 million NIS was made for schools in yishuvim.

MK (Labor) Stav Shafir announced she will bring his protest to the Knesset Ethics Committee.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)