Jewish Radio Host Nachum Segal Slams Schumer For Not Condemning Kidnapping – BUT HE DID!


schum2On Wednesday morning, Nachum Segal, the popular radio host of ‘JM in the AM’ attacked Senator Charles Schumer for remaining silent on the recent kidnappings of the three Yeshiva boys in Israel. Various Jewish news outlets attacked the Senator for remaining silent as well.  YWN also received numerous emails asking why the senior Jewish U.S. Senator has remained silent. The truth is, he hasn’t remained silent.

YWN was sent the following statement by Senator Schumer a few days ago. YWN chose not to publish it due to the fact that we were receiving dozens of statements from politicians across the country condemning the kidnapping, and were simply unable to publish them all.

The following is his statement:

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today called for the immediate release of the three teenage boys who went missing in Israel’s West Bank last Thursday. One of the boys, Naftali Frenkel, is a dual citizen of Israel and the United States. On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated his belief that the kidnappings were perpetrated by Hamas. With the Palestinian Authority backed by Hamas, Schumer today said that the Palestinian government must first denounce this kidnapping and must demand from Hamas that the boys be released and returned home safely.

“My prayers are with the three young men kidnapped in Israel, including Naftali Frenkel, who is an American citizen; as a parent, I can’t begin to imagine what their families are going through. It is essential that the Palestinian government first, denounce this horrible act, and second demand from Hamas that the boys be immediately released.”

– U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. There has been a lot of this “why didn’t X condemn this” and “why didn’t the media cover this”. While there are plenty of examples of a lack of attention to things going on in Israel, that is not the case with this kidnapping. And the people complaining would know this after a few internet searches.

  2. When I did a few internet searches (google, bing and yahoo) on Monday 3 days after the incident including a complete weekend – using Schumer and kinapping, I got nothing.

  3. It’s a lot of fun to knock politicians for every imagined and perceived slight. Why deny Segal from having some fun against politicians. Politicians lie all the time, so why can’t he lie about them too?

  4. That’s right charlatan, it took your lamestream media till Sunday, a “slow” newsday to even mention it.

    Your hombre Chuck U Schumer was invited onto JM in the AM to spout about this issue and he refused.

  5. Although Chuck Schumer and I differ on many things, I must say it was refreshing to see that he did not use the usual expression pandering to the atheists, by being sure to refer to ‘my thoughts and prayers’, which has become de rigueur, but only referred to ‘my prayers’. We surely pray that those prayers will be answered!

  6. For someone who never found a mike he didn’t like, Schumer decided to send a letter. Is he afraid to let his voice be heard?

  7. I dont listen to JM in the AM, nor do I follow what Chuck shumer says or doesnt say. However, Shumer has a reputation for opining on anything and everything to the point where the phrase “he never found a mike he didnt like” is always applied to him. Perhaps he sent a letter, like the site claims, but there is no trick to doing that, as YWN writes “we were receiving dozens of statements from politicians across the country condemning the kidnapping”. As a senator from the state with the largest Jewish population in the country more is expected from him, especially given his track record of “making statements”. I suspect that is what Nachum Segal opined about.

  8. Actually I heard his statement and it was more about him not having 5 minutes in his busy day to talk on Jewish radio. But he did have time to go to brooklyn college graduation and talk for ten
    Minutes about himself. And he wasn’t on the schedule of speakers
    I was there
    As to his statement a written statement sent out but NOT verbalized by a publicity seeker means nothing Charlie. Star list rejected you too

  9. “That’s right charlatan, it took your lamestream media till Sunday, a “slow” newsday to even mention it.”

    Wrong again. The Associated Press had an article out Friday morning that was widely distributed. Reuters had it Friday afternoon as did the New York Times and the New York Daily News. I could even give links that have time stamps but YWN has a no outside links policy. An internet search would have confirmed this and you would have not embarrassed yourself.

  10. There is something very fishy going on here. Why wouldn’t YWN publish the statement they received from Sen. Schumer? I read YWN on a daily basis and over the past few days there are statements posted from all different ranking politicians from the NYC Mayor to borough presidents etc.. (Which are not as high ranking as Sen. Schumer) on YWN and for some reason they would not post Sen Schumer’s statement. Sen Schumer is the senior senator from NY which has the largest jewish population in the USA and where one of the kidnapped boys have very strong roots and YWN has to many statements so the cant post Sen Schumers staement?! Also if you read the statement he says “three teenage boys who went missing” why did he use this language of went missing, they were KIDNAPPED!.

  11. We don’t need condemnations from politicians every time some obvious outrage or tragedy occurs. This is a tempest in teapot making something out of nothing. Condemnations from Congressmen and other American politicians don’t change terrorists behavior.

  12. As has been mentioned by a few commentators for a guy who can’t shut his mouth on so many different topics Chucky has been verbally quiet. Maybe his compadre in the White House told hirn so because “we don׳t want to fan the flames of hatred among our good brothers the peace loving Mislims.