Yesh Atid Attacking Bris Milah


lapidThe current national government has broken records in the number of bills attacking the religious status quo in many areas, including marriage registration and giyur.

The next item on the party’s agenda appears to be bris milah. At present, there is a voluntary committee comprised of representatives of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Ministry of Health. This body oversees the mohelim and certifies them. A certified mohel receives a license from the Chief Rabbinate and the ministry. The committee also oversees milah in Israel.

A bill by the party seeks to eliminate the current committee, which has a Rabbinate majority. It proposes changing the makeup of the committee so the majority is held by the Ministry of Health.

The concerns are obvious, especially today with the health minister being very secular and a member of Yesh Atid, Minister Yael German. There are fears that if chas v’sholom such a committee assumes control of monitoring bris milah in Israel, metzitzah b’peh and other issues will be outlawed by a secularist medical panel that lacks understanding of a bris milah in halacha.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. What else do you expect from reshaim like Lipman?

    (I know, Rav Feldman took that back. But that was only for before Rav Feldman told him he was wrong and should consult with his rabbonim. Now that he knows that and still doesn’t, he is clearly a rasha.)

  2. This is not the time to pull away from halacha. This is a time for teshuva. How many more issurim have to befall them before they get the message?

  3. poppa bar abba – Be very careful with your words. Maybe you should judge him lechaf zechut ? Maybe his intelligence doesn’t allow him to act like you would like him to ?

    In the unlikely event that you are wrong (it happens to all of us), then your post could possibly consist of loshon hara in public, which is as serious as described in the Chofetz Chaim’s shmirat halashon sefer.

    Even if you are correct in your words, then you should realize that people less intelligent than yourself could learn from you & take your approach of calling others reshayim at each whim of their feelings.

    Be well & behatzlacha bakol.

  4. The flaw in orthodox Jews trying to be part of the zionist state is that the zionists believe everything should under state control. This is similar to Europe where the function of organized religion is to serve the state. Better the American model with a wall of separation, and freedom of religion.

  5. Why is this news. This is obvious. They are out to destroy Torah. They won’t prevail Btw I was in Yeshiva with lippman. He seemed normal etc but obviously was always rotten on the inside, just hid it.

  6. Poppa bar Abba. The chilul hashen and hate of your brother is worse than anything Lapid may say… Its tims to be united front and not have internal fighting

  7. It’s fascinating to see the truth of our Divine Torah. The more the israeli secular government attacks Torah the more the Arabs are gaining power.

  8. charliehall

    There isn’t a shred if eve since that it is dangerous, there is much evidence since that ppl like urself are a danger to the society.

  9. charliehall
    There isn’t a shred of evidence that it is dangerous, there is much evidence since that ppl like urself are a danger to the society.

  10. If the Education Minister, Piron (Yesh Atid), is already up to forcing the “education” of evolution in schools, then attacking bris Milah and any other Jewish thing is almost trivial. The next thing on their agenda is surely forcing Rabbis to officiate at interfaith weddings.

    #4 Fewer have died from Metzitzah b’peh than through surgery or even medication. According to your logic, surgery and medication should be outlawed.

  11. Getzel
    “There isn’t a shred of evidence that it is dangerous”

    are u kidding? so the babys that died from this procedure from Herpes in New York and the one who got a serious braindamage are just imagination??
    It´s about time that this bronze age ritual circumcison which is nothing less than mutilation of children becomes outlawed.

  12. ramat shilo, the problem isn’t necessarily what he says IT’S WHAT HE DOES AND STANDS FOR, AND WHAT HE IS TRYING TO PUSH THRU AS LAW. don’t try the “chillul hashem” card, because as usual, you are using it not as an answer but as a cop out

  13. Metzitzah b’peh is a one in a million problem with a easy remedy. Secular circumcision where they attempt to remove the entire foreskin at the crown is a problem every time. In addition the shields used by medical professionals are risky.