Remarks By NYS Senator Felder On The Mayor’s Special Education Initiative



“Good afternoon. This is a historic day. Thousands of parents with special needs children throughout the entire city, throughout every neighborhood, have been going through a painful and torturous process for many years.

They and their advocates – who just never give up – have not pleaded for our pity, but rather for the services they deserve and that are mandated by law. Together with Republican Majority Leader Skelos and the New York State Senate, as well as my co-sponsor of this legislation in the Assembly, Helene Weinstein, and her colleagues, and of course, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has been an advocate on this issue since probably before I was born — we are all united to make sure families and children with special needs get what they are entitled to and get it immediately.

Mayor de Blasio has a long history of expressing concern for the special needs population and their families, going back to the days when we served together as Councilmen. On the campaign trail, the Mayor reiterated that commitment to making this issue a top priority.

I have had extensive conversations with the Mayor about this, and he indicated that, more than ever, he will ensure that families and special needs children get their services expeditiously and compassionately. We all must and will continue to do everything humanly possible to help these families. I look forward to working with the Mayor. Thank you.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Simcha and Shelly what happens with us? Families with special needs children in other counties. How about Nassau and Rockland County? Has Albany forgot about us???