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Lapid Clears the Way for Chareidim to Enter National Service Programs

lapAfter months during which no one was able to enter a national service program, Finance Minister Yair Lapid has finally signed the necessary paperwork which now permits chareidim and others to enter these programs as an alternative to IDF service.

Lapid was facing growing criticism for the Shaked Committee pushed the new law which now compels chareidim to serve in the IDF or a national service. However, those wishing to join the latter were prevented from doing so due to legal technicalities that were resolved with the stroke of the minister’s pen.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

14 Responses

  1. But the critical issue pertains to those who refuse to serve because they oppose the state, not accomodation of those who want to serve the state.

  2. If for no other reason than the memory of the three kedoshim, the older kollel yungerleit should be rushing to join the IDF and providing security in the West Bank for the younger bochurim travelling to and from their yeshivot. There needs to be more soldiers assigned for protection and security and this way they would be providing for limud torah and performing a big mitzvah while also providing national service.

  3. What????? That’s a terrible idea gold. Place untrained and unskilled men to babysit with a gun just because they are “older”!! You want something done? Support Natanyahu and his plan for action against Hamas no matter what the political fallout, don’t put other kurbonos out like sitting ducks just so Lapid is happy.

  4. Gadolhadora why am I not surprised by your stupid opinions maybe you should be rushing to go and learn Tora or perhaps you don’t believe in it

  5. Gadolhadorah and Gold: Please think of the IDF and those who study Torah full time as two different pillars holding up Eretz Yisroel. Without either of them, the country would fall.

  6. #2 These three Daati Leumi Kedoshim is reason enough to stop the persecution of charedim to join the non-religious military once and for all. Don’t you see the kpeida of Gedoley Yisrael on the Daati Leumi group? Didn’t they suffer enough?

  7. To Gadol Hadorah,
    Perhaps if you contributed more to yeshivos and kollelim in the first place, such tragedies would not happen in the first place. As the Gadolhadorah (sic), I’m sure you are aware of Chazal in a million different places that only torah and mitzvos protect and nothing else.

  8. To number , 9, 10: first,please indicate genuine sources for what you are saying (that only Torah protects us).Secondly, to number 8: what happened to the Torah that these kedoshim learned? Are you telling me that the “gedolie yisroel’ (as you call them)wanted their death,chas vesholom??

  9. #11 (sibling of #2?)
    Every child knows if you play with fire, you get burnt.
    If you start up with Gedoley Yisrael, the leaders of Klal Yisrael, is plain and simply playing with fire and a very grave matter. ובגחלתן שלא תכוה Some are lucky enough when they play with fire and get away with it. Others unfortunately are not so lucky.
    I really hope the Daati Leumi will learn this lesson and do tshuva.

  10. Rabbiofberlin- stop mocking the Gedolim. Reb Chaim and Reb Arron Leib both said that these boys purpose in life was to be mekadesh Shem Shomiyim and bring achdus and tefilla to Klal Yisroel. No they don’t ever wish a single death on ANY ISRAELI wether or not they are “black hat”. They are so above your pea brain that the deaths of these three was felt like a death in the family.

  11. I don’t want to get further involved in this back and forth because it will not be productive for anyone. But I will just say that I support both the IDF and those who are learning Torah full time. And one more thing.. During the Holocaust both chareidim and secular were murdered side by side. Does that mean, arye, that we humans can say that both chareidim and secular were killed because of their aveiros and they both should have done teshuva? I think not – we cannot know Hashem’s chesbonos so it is best if we keep quiet and not assign reasons as to why things happen to our fellow brothers and sisters. I would hope that no more comments will be posted that will breed further machlokes, or else we will be back to where we were before this tragedy took place. Please!

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