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VIDEOS: PA Leader Calls for Investigation by International Community


Amid reports that Jews murdered 16-year-old Muhmad Abu-Khadir and set his body ablaze, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is calling on the international community to investigate the horrific act.

Israel Police on Sunday, 8 Tammuz announced six suspects are in custody and it appears quite likely the murder was an act of terror following the murders by Hamas terrorists of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach HY”D. Some of the suspects are minors and it appears they are Jews R”L.

Abu Mazen is seeking to capitalize on the murder, which is still under investigation and he wishes to bring additional international pressure down on Israel. The family of Abu-Khadir is calling to demolish the home of the family of the suspects as was done to the home of the family of the murderer of Israel Police Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrachi HY”D.

Channel 2 News reports on Sunday that rumors the murder was an honor killing seem to be rapidly fading away as the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) is signaling it does appear the murder was an act of Jewish terror.

Attorneys for the suspects are not being permitted to meet with the suspects in custody as stated in the video. Attorney Adi Kedar of Honenu tells the media he is still not familiar with the evidence against the suspects at this time.

The surveillance video shows the faces of the suspected kidnappers/ murderers of Muhmad Abu-Khadir.

In a related matter, Abu Tariq Abu-Khadir, the American Arab youth visiting Israel for Ramadan who was badly beaten by border police has been released to house arrest. Family members say “we did not recognize him after the beating”. He is related to the victim of the murder, Muhmad.

The youth’s beating was captured on video and has gone viral, resulting in harsh anti-Israel reports by major news agencies as well as a condemnatory statement from the US State Department.

The Justice Ministry’s Police Internal Investigations Unit is involved and an investigation into the actions of border police is underway.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. Wow! One Palestinian killed in a horrible act of retaliation and this arch murderer woke up! Where was this animal when the three boys were missing and subsequently found dead? Why no cries for international investigations then? Where was he when suicide bombers killed and maimed hundreds over the past 15 years? Why no outcry from this animal when rockets rain on the south? Where was he when Israelis were lynched and horribly murdered after making a wrong turn into PA territory? Where was he when PA “police officers” used their PA issued weapons to murder Israelis? Where oh where was his cry for international investigations? Suddenly he realized how terrible murder is?

  2. It is amazing how a couple of stupid kids can turn the entire world against Israel once again. Jews to NOT act this way. They don’t murder people. That is the way of the Arabs. Of course all of a sudden the smug hippocritical Arabs will exploit this. The fact that they are shooting rockets at people all day is fine with the world. The fact that the three boys were kidnapped and murdered did not see to disturb the world too much either.But this dumb act will be talked about day and night in the media. The leaders in Yehuda and Shomron really need to condemn it and say that Jews do not do these things.

  3. Israel has always lost and continues to lose the “Public Relations” battle with the Arabs. Granted, the Arabs have the entire world media including the feckless American media on their side, but you would think the Israeli Government would invest in a articulate person who speaks a perfect English who knows how to talk/deal with the media. We just lost 3 of our own in the worst possible way, and we barely heard a peep out of the “world” and now an Arab, it seems, was wrongly killed, and immediately, before the investigation is even completed, we have the excellent PR machine of the Arabs, in full gear, out front, whiping the media into a frenzy of Hate against Israel and Jews! WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE DEFENDING ISRAEL? Why is Israel always on the defensive? Will they EVER be on offense?!

  4. YES!!! Vigilantism is wrong and is counter-productive…BUT…you can’t blame the Israeli Government for that. Having said that…not only is President Obama the most one-sided president EVER (more than Carter),but where was HIS State Department when AN AMERICAN CITIZEN (one of the 3 boys) was missing and then found murdered. One Arab-American citizen was found beaten while resisting arrest and State goes crazy. Where were they when another American citizen was missing???

  5. Not getting involved: “Why is Israel always on the defensive? Will they EVER be on offense?!”

    Because we are in galus. Eretz Israel is also galus. Instead of “not getting involved”, better you should get involved. How? Torah and maassim tovim.

  6. Its all because the so called Israeli leaders are going along with the ideas of PA leaders, watch them give in to International investigators, watch them ignore their own 48 hour ultimatum, watch their cover up on the Danon Murder, watch them handle with silk gloves all the present riots, watch them bomb vacant buildings in Gaza making a fool of the South to belief that they hitting hard, but they are very serious and firm about getting at and depressing the chareidim even to take food out of the children’s mouths. And they want HASHEM on their side ??

  7. No matter what we as a nation we have to stick together, if we don’t we all lose! What bounds us all together? Do we forget so easily!!?

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