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PA: Abu Khadir was Burned Alive

abuAccording to the PA (Palestinian Authority) prosecutor, the Arab teen murdered and whose body was tossed in the Jerusalem Forest last week was burned alive. The PA official announced over the weekend that 16-year-old Muhmad Abu-Khalid was abducted from Shuafat and then taken and murdered, set ablaze while he was still alive. Israeli officials handling the investigation have not confirmed this.

Israel Police and the ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) are still moving ahead with the investigation, announcing on Sunday, 8 Tammuz 5774 that six arrests were made in the case, Jews who chas v’sholom murdered the youth in retaliation for the murders of Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrach and Naftali Frenkel HY”D. There is a gag order on most details surrounding the ongoing investigation.

The murder of the youth sparked widespread Israeli Arab sector violence and rioting, most occurring in the capital. Rioting and violent protests also took place near Um el-Fahm Junction in northern Israel. Thousands attended the erev Shabbos 6 Tammuz funeral in the Shuafat area of Yerushalayim. Shouts of “With blood and fire we will redeem you shihad (martyr).

Officials involved in the ongoing investigation announced on Sunday 8 Tammuz that arrests have been made, adding it appears 70-80% certain at this time that the murder was a nationalistic attack and not a criminally motivated or honor slaying as many believed.

By the time the funeral ended, dozens of Arabs who took part in violent confrontations with police were injured, 5 reportedly sustaining moderate injuries and one suffering a fractured skull. 13 policemen were injured as well and 20 arrests were made. The father of the youth, Hussein Abu-Khalid announced he plans to file a lawsuit against Israel in a local court as well as a court on the international venue.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Whoever did this is an animal and should be punished most severely, if we lower ourselves to their level we have lost everything, we are Yidden we care about every living thing.

  2. The Bostoner rebbe already commented on what Bibi said that they are human animals, he said that the only thing that differs by us is that we are shomer torah i’mitzvos, if we don’t we are the same human animals.
    By jews in Israel it’s no chidush murder, they have there mafia and gangster rival families, that kill each other i the broad daylight, These people that did this are not religious people.(even if they might call themselves so) and they are nothing better than those “human Animals”.

  3. Satmar Ruv’s Condemnation Last week Wednesday:
    It is already 2,000 years that we are in exile and during that time millions of Jews have been killed. Jews have always been the ones who were killed, not the ones doing the killing.”……….and if people will say that we are the enemies of Israel……….. The enemies are those who take revenge and who awaken the ire of the murderers who will surely take revenge and the cycle of vengeance will continue.
    This is what Dovid Hamelech meant in Tehillim when he said ‘I hate falsehood and am disgusted by it.’”

  4. #2- At least some of the suspects have reportedly confessed. It’s terrible but seems to be true. Yerachem hashem.

  5. 1) There were initial reports that the victim did not follow the ways of his people. The embarrassment had to therefore be “excised”. This, we know is not an uncommon occurance.
    2) Remember that the ones who abducted our three kedoshim, our three wonderful children, b’nei Yeshiva, were dressed up as chassidim, so reported sitings of the abductors in this case being dressed up as Israelis is no surprise.

  6. How much does the public trust the Israeli police? We don’t trust them. Should we trust their findings in this affair? Just as we, Jews never crucified our opponents, notwithstanding Christians’ claims to the contrary, we also never burned our opponents alive. Police has in custody 6 Jews and allegedly one of them confessed. We don’t know how they secured this confession. I have the feeling, the police which has a confirmed track record of corruption, decided to arrest innocent people and throw them to the mob to satisfy the lust for Jewish blood of the Arab Street, the White House, and EU. Is it far-fetched? The police would never do such a thing? Think twice! Do you remember the Eden Natan-Zada affair in 2005? Eden killed 4 Arabs in a bus. Police came, handcuffed him to one of the seat of the bus and left him there to be lynched by the Arab mob. The Arabs obliged. Eden stood no chance. Chained to a seat, he couldn’t defend himself or run away. There were no other casualties. Therefore, the police and politicians were happy. Case resolved. Make no mistake, Eden did kill. But he deserved to have his day in court.

  7. #7 watch this video and then come back and share your opinion. PBS Frontline – Israel’s Next War – Documentary

    i agree with r’ kahane on 99% of his teachings and philosophy. but 1% is over the line. many would say it’s crazy to even agree with 99%.

    lets not lower ourselves to the level of wild beasts as our enemy.

  8. @Rainus, the presence of smoke in the lungs would indicate that the victim was alive at the time of of the burning, leading to inhalation of smoke before he stopped breathing. It’s quite clear cut and doesn’t implicate either side, although I still think and hope this is a modern-day blood libel.

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