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MAILBAG: Some Possible Messages To The International Community

ywnln· Why is the UN not condemning Hamas’ unwillingness to halt rocket fire?

· Why aren’t Israel’s allies offering to send military and monetary support to rid the world of Hamas?

· Why is the White House conspicuously quiet other than canned political statements when it is clear a key component to peace between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority) is getting rid of Hamas?

· Why isn’t the humanitarian international community demanding that Egypt open the Rafiach crossing to permits its Arab brothers to seek refuge rather than remaining in danger of IAF attacks in Gaza?

· Why isn’t Jordan’s King Abdullah, who is always so concerned for the Palestinian people announcing his willingness to accept refugees from Gaza?

· Why isn’t the UN compelling Cairo to open Rafiach to bring humanitarian aid to the Gazan people?

· Why doesn’t Israel enlighten the international donor countries that have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Gaza, now explaining the Hamas terror government kept it to built its military infrastructure?

· Why doesn’t someone confront PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) who have money to the Hamas government knowing it never reaches the people?

· Now is the time for PM Netanyahu to call on donor nations to turn off the financial faucet to Gaza.

· Now is the time to tell the international community to pay Gaza’s electric bill or the switch gets turned off immediately.

· Why isn’t UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon calling on Ismail Haniyeh and his terrorist cronies to give themselves up to stand trial in an international court of law for their terrorist crimes?

Yaakov Storch – Southern Israel

4 Responses

  1. For anyone who has some understanding about international politics, it’s clear that Obama and Egypt had pulled a good one over Hamas.

    What everyone needs to understand, that it’s in Israel’s interest that Egypt should not open the border on their side. Given that Egypt is a Arab country, they are walking a tight rope.

    Just by writing heated articles, won’t change the nature of cool, heartless and calculated politics, going on on the international arena.

  2. @1 How is it in “Israel’s interest?”
    As long as there are civilians in the area Israel cannot use it’s tanks and artillery and thus puts Israeli soldiers on a more equal footing, maybe even a disadvantage because Hamas is hiding in elevated sites in the buildings.
    It would rather seem to me that Obama and Egypt “pulled a good one over” on Israel, by forcing it into a conflict where the civilian casualty rate will be so high that there will be huge Israeli losses to achieve an elimination of Hamas.
    That would be having Israel do the dirty work for Egypt.
    I do not think that Obama and the PRESENT Egyptian government are on very good terms, anyway, Obama favors the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is an offshoot.
    I do not claim to understand “international politics” but I would just suggest that we all pray during these 3 Weeks and hope that because of our combined concern for our fellow Jew we will have the zechus to defeat ALL of our enemies.Amen.

  3. Why are you people surprised when the “goyim” act like they hate us? Isnt “Eisav Soneh Es Yakov” the 14th Ikar Emunah?

  4. as long as we don’t wake up & accept Hashem’s wake-up call for teshuva-as a nation together-then we can’t expect it to end. Do you think this war is just a coincidence? is there such a thing as coincidence?
    every tragedy has a wake-up call message straight from Hashem.

    i.e. the seforim say when something bad happens to YOU C”V a person should put his life on pause immediately & make a cheshbon hanefesh by asking him/herself why would Hashem make this happen to me C”V? what did I do…. when a public tragedy like this war & the 3 murdered kidnapped boys R”L etc… occur then it is a public message for all of us to ask together & return to Hashem with fasting & teshuva etc…

    May we all do teshuva ASAP so this war can end & then mashiach may he be on his way

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