Camp Munk Pays Tribute to Rabbi Eli Munk ztz”l at Special Camp Reunion


Camp Munk Reunion Banner for The Yeshiva WorldWith the camp season in full swing, parents are gearing up for visiting day. Nostalgia sets in; “Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were campers and staff members?” For former “Munkees” this summer will offer a chance to act upon those feelings; On August 10th, Camp Munk will be hosting a Camp Munk Reunion. It will be an evening of tribute to Rabbi Eli Munk ztz”l. Reb Eli was niftar almost two years ago. His legacy is the hundreds upon hundreds of campers and staff members who he guided and molded for over three and half decades. The mesorah he received from his father HaRav Yechiel Aryeh Munk ztz”l was his guiding philosophy. His impact goes far beyond the limited boundaries of Camp Munk, as Camp Munk alumni play leading roles in so many varied organizations and mosdos.

In following the Camp Munk mesorah that there is a tzedakah component in every endeavor, a Camp Munk Memories Book will be published in conjunction with the Reunion. The Memories Book will be an opportunity for camp alumni to share stories, memories, photos and to express their hakoras hatov. All proceeds of the Memories Book will go to tzedakah. All Camp Munkers can still hear Rabbi Oelbaum, on Tisha B’Av night, quote HaRav Yechiel Aryeh HaCohen Munk “the founder of our camp” ztz”l as he made his annual appeal “Staff members, when giving tzedaka, remember how much you spend on your day off for your own fun. JC’s and up can give kbircas Hashem asher nosan lcha, vchol hamosif mosifin lo”.

A special website has been designed for the occasion. Aside from accepting reservations and “memories,” the website also features a Camp Munk Photo Gallery where hundreds of Camp Munk pictures can be viewed.

News of the upcoming reunion is generating real excitement. It’s a chance, as Reb Dave Silverman would say “to rub shoulders with Gedolai Yisroel”. It’s a chance for the “old timers” to play the “old old timers”. It’s a chance to finally find out who really did raid your bunk on the night of the “big raid“. It’s a chance to just schmooze and share memories of the good old days. Rabbis Pinny and Ezzy Munk and the entire Camp Munk Family look forward to meeting and greeting everyone on August 10th at 7:15pm.

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    speaking of which; that grammin is a “memory”!