PHOTOS: Serious MVA In Woodridge On Dairyland Rd; Two Victims Being Airlifted To Trauma Center [UPDATED 9:45PM]




Catskills Hatzolah is currently on the scene of a serious car accident on Dairyland Road in the Town of Woodridge. Sources tell YWN Catskills that there are 7 people injured, at least two of them seriously. The Woodridge Fire Department is on the scene, and are in the process of extricating multiple occupants which are trapped in the vehicle.

Two medevacs have been requested to airlift two of the occupants to a trauma center. The Mountaindale FD is setting up a landing zone at Krieger Park in Woodridge.

The cause of the crash is still unknown, and police are on the scene investigating. It appears this was a high-speed head-on collision.

There is no further information available at this time.


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(YWN Sullivan County Newsdesk)


  1. Holiday season is a dangerous time;
    a Kol Hadrochim bechezkas zakono
    b there is less torah and Tefilloh to protect us
    c people tend to be lax in Kashrus, Znius Tefilloh Bezibur during the holidays
    d Young and inexperienced drivers putting themselves and others in danger
    It is therefore imperative to utilise the extra time as much as possible for Chinuch Habonim and bonaus and limud hatorah.

  2. good points 3. 1, texting is dangerous whether or not it was involved here, the only thing gained by this wondering is whether or not we can yell at somebody in a hospital bed ” see you shouldn’t have texted”. Keep wondering