Kerry To IDF Soldier’s Family at Funeral: ‘How’s Your Day?’


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John KerryFollowing the emotional funeral of Max Steinberg, the 24-year-old from Woodland Hills who joined the Israeli Defense Forces and gave his life defending Israel, the ever-tactful Secretary of State John Kerry asked the young hero’s mother how her day was going.

The Jewish Journal reports that after the funeral the family moved to the Crowne Plaza Hotel to begin their Shiva, when John Kerry walked in to pay his respects.

“How’s your day?” Kerry asked as he sat down. “How’s your day?” Evie asked back. “My day’s going better than yours,” he said.

Kerry managed to recover long enough to say:

I am so honored to be here. I am in awe of your son, truly.  And I think you know, I served in the military, and I have great respect for anybody who… especially puts themself willingly in harm’s way. And as an American, we’re so proud of the affection that he felt, just the love he felt, and the roots he found in this country.




  1. Do politicians (especially foolish ones) ever get taught what we all do? Sometimes it’s imply better to say nothing than to say something stupid. Well, I guess this can be added to stupid things people say at Shiva calls.

  2. Nothing surprising here.
    Anyone who can “demand” a cease fire from a country thats having 2000 rockets rained on them, would also lack the decent dignity when conversing with a bereaved mother.

    A classic heartless democratic response.

  3. Poor John Kerry, how can he walk with his foot in his mouth is beyond me.

    But what can we expect from him? He does his best at doing his master’s bidding and still has time to have his hair cone up nicely.

    If he were really into it, he would demand an explanation from the UN why is UNRWA allowing Hamas to use its premises. He would demand to know why did UNRWA not protest at Hamas’ use of its facilities to aid terror.

    But perhaps John Kerry isn’t about anything other than looking like a concerned American who really can’t get too involved for fear of disturbing some one up higher.

  4. Another idiotic remark by another Obama flunkie.
    How about some sharp, unmeasured criticsm of the beasts of Hamas for hiding missiles and terrorists in schools and hospitals ??!!!

  5. common sense died a loooooong time ago. There should be a quick course of what to say and what not to say when holding down a job like this. G-D help us.

  6. It’s a stupid remark, simply a stupid mistake but that’s really where he’s at!
    I wonder why Charlie Hall is quiet on this one! Hard to find a leemud z’chus, Charlie?

  7. Guys inthinknyour beig supercritical of the situation. True he may be a bad guy but we are projecting that on an incident that doesn’t not display that in and f itself. We all have out our fut in our mouth at one point or another. There’s an extra level of awkwardeness given the religious/cultural barrier and just the fact that he is custom gas a politician and not as a family friend. He couldn’t just show up am say nothing or nod his head. He tried to break te ice and it came out a little awkward. I’m no Kerry lover but I like to be Moshe al haemes. It gives more credence when I have what to truly bash Shkoyach.