B’chasdei Hashem, Another Massacre of Jews Averted Near Gaza; 5 Terrorists Dead After Exiting Terror Tunnel In Israel


.19:42: The IDF a short time ago killed five terrorists that exited a tunnel heading to a community in the Shar HaNegev Regional Council. Once again a massacre of Jews in that area has been averted B”H.

There are no causalities among the IDF force according to the preliminary reports. The area residents are instructed to remain locked down in their homes at this time as soldiers continue operating in an effort to make sure no other terrorists remain at large. Area roads are closed down as well.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. They clearly said that they found most tunnels and that so far destroyed less than half of them. Maybe they knew about this tunnel and were waiting to see who will use it.

    I would think its so easy to destroy each tunnel full of cement. They are probably looking for more efficient ways of doing it.

  2. We are depending too much on nissim. We need to destroy these dogs.

  3. The IDF never claimed to have yet found all the tunnels. Thanks to these 5, another tunnel has been found. These are reinforced concrete tunnels up to 40 feet underground. I would assume that in order to eliminate them for good a blast in one location won’t do since they could rebuild that section. Considering the number of tunnels and the total cubic feet involved the challenge facing the IDF would be similiar to eliminating the Brooklyn Battery tunnel, one length at a time.

    Reports are that at least 160 hamas children died building these invasion tunnels.

  4. Actually, the tunnels are more similar to the NYC subway system than to the Brooklyn Battery tunnel. There are multiple entrances and exits to a network of interconnected tunnels. Blowing up on entrance or another will not do the trick. The IDF is trying to do their best to explore and map the network and destroy them, all the while avoiding any nasty surprises that may await them (IEDs, ambushes, etc.). It is a big and difficult job, and extremely dangerous. We don’t know the full extent of tools they have at their disposal, but we should daven for the success and safety of those involved in this effort.

  5. Like a different poster once mentioned, they should dig a trench and connect it to once of the entrances on one side, while the other to the sea. And just flood it… Let nature destroy them. This way we can avoid more casualties.

  6. There is no question that HUMINT (intelligence gained from humans – e.g., spies, informants, captives, etc.) is a key source of information as to the locations of the tunnels. Baruch She’Kivanta.

  7. actually they should catch a few terrorists and put them in a box, send them first class mail to the white house front lawn, maybe through a tunnel?

  8. Lots of better ideas than calling for another ceasefire every other day. Lots of better ideas than holding fire until Hamas determines the best time for an attack.

  9. My words are not contradicting itself. THE WORLD DOES NOT CARE ABOUT US!!

  10. Flooding a tunnel doesn’t destroy it. The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel was flooded by Sandy and it’s back in operation. The Egyptians flooded some of the tunnels from Sinai into the Gaza Strip, and Hamas has managed to undo some of their work.