PHOTO: IDF Soldiers Reciting Eicha On Tisha B’av Night




  1. WOW!!! “Mi Keamcho Yisroel” They are fighters who put their lives on the line to defend Klal Yisroel while deep down they are mourning the loss of the Bais HaMikdosh and Tzion. May all the soldiers take this sample and follow them to merit the ultimate redemption TODAY!

  2. MoisheInGolus – gun safety?!?!? They have loaded Arab guns pointed at them a whole day!! You are missing the point !!!! It’s Tisha B’av – they have every excuse to keep their boots on and yet they sit around on the floor saying kinus. The reason the guns are lined up like that is incase they need them at a moments notice they are ready to go. May be all be zoche to the geulah shelama bmhara beyomenu.