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BREAKING PHOTOS: Massive Press Conference In Lakewood For Missing Yeshiva Student Aaron Sofer; Many Elected Officials Attending


10:20AM ET: A press conference is currently underway at the Lakewood Township Municipal Building. It started at 10:AM. Speakers are expected to include Senator Bob Singer, U.S. Rep Chris Smith, Ocean County Freeholder Gerry Little, Lakewood Mayor Menashe Miller and other local officials.



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  1. Why are there so many Bochrim & Yungeleit at this Press Conference, instead of where they belong??? IN YESHIVA
    Their emes Limud Hatorah and Tefillah would accomplish more.
    If there is the feeling that attendance numbers count for pressure to help with the search, have it during bein hasedarim.

  2. Bubby,
    There’s nothing more important than learning. It was bein hazemanim, and the community was asked to attended the press conference in order to show support.
    A little hishtadlus…

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