Beheaded Jewish-American Journalist Steven Sotloff Had Israeli Citizenship


ssoSteven Sotloff, who was beheaded by ISIS was not the first American-Jewish journalist to be executed by Muslim terrorists. Sotloff held Israeli citizenship and studied in Israel is the past. A gag order was lifted on Wednesday, 8 Elul, permitting the media to publicize his Israeli citizenship. Sotloff made aliyah in 2005 and attended classes in the Herzliya based IDC (Interdisciplinary Center).

It is reported that even amid fears of his captors learning of his Jewish roots, he fasted on Yom Kippur and davened secretly and faced Yerushalayim. When he received his rations on Yom Kippur he explained he was ill and unable to eat.

Sotloff disappeared in Syria in 2013. He was seen in late August in a video that showed the apparent beheading of fellow US journalist James Foley.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I am impressed with his final act before leaving Olam Hazeh. Deep down, every Jew is a pintele yid. It’s tragic that his only impending death led him to come closer to Hashem.

    Baruch Dayan Emes…

  2. BDE Hy”d How very sad.

    והוא יהיה פרא אדם ידו בכל ויד כל בו
    There’s no denial that Yishmael’s descendants are animals in the form of humans who hands are against everyone and everyone’s against his.

  3. # 2 aka define:how do you know that only his impending demise led him closer to Hashem?Maybe the tragedy is that you think you know it all???