Fatal Incident in Israel: Toddler Left in Vehicle


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cicTwo-year-old Yoav Speigelman of Yahud died R”L after his mother forgot him in the car for 40 minutes on erev Shabbos 10 Elul. Doctors in Tel Hashomer Hospital fought to resuscitate the young child but their efforts were unsuccessful. The levaya for the toddler was held on Sunday, 12 Elul.

A passerby saw an unconscious child in a parked vehicle on erev Shabbos. He smashed a window and called Magen David Adom. Dispatcher Sapir Teitelbaum instructed the passerby on CPR. The first paramedic to arrive on the scene, Dimitri Malchin, described seeing pedestrians performing CPR on a small child who was supine on the sidewalk. He and his team immediately took over and began advanced life support efforts to save the child. Dimitri commented the child was also very warm to the touch. The child was transported as lifesaving efforts continued. Two hours later the child was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Police launched an investigation and learned mom went shopping with the toddler forgotten in the vehicle as well as an older sister, six. After she unloaded the shopping from the trunk she forgot to address the toddler in the car. She remembered 40 minutes later but it was too late, the hot summer afternoon sun was too much for the child in the locked vehicle.

Friends of the family describe the mother and the family as “fine normative people” adding the event was simply a tragedy.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So sad!
    Such an unnecessary loss!
    THIS, we can avoid!

    CHALLENGE for the entrepreneurs!!
    Develop a wrist band that parents can wear when they put a child in the car seat that should activate when the engine shuts off with a message blaring, “Child in Car!!”
    It should cost about 40-50 שקל or about $10-15.

  2. As a mother I can’t even imagine ever leaving a child in a car. If parents tend to space out , they should leave their purse next to the child or if its the husband, he should leave his hat or something next to the child. A cell phone maybe. Then people have a chutzpah to even utter the word crises next to the word shidduch. Shame on all of you. This Is a crises. People committing
    murder. These parents aren’t responsible adults. Side note- if one truly thinks about it, ( don’t just comment back that I’m wrong, cause if you do, then you’re to blame too) the reason why there is a shidduch issue, is because there is a major lack in middos. Girls are supper picky and boys mothers are retarted with their requests. Read 2 weeks agos Yateds shidduch question. Shame on the mother who wrote that question. I would not want my daughter dating her son. Mothers, you are honestly to blame. You raised your daughters with expectation that are to high. You’ve become greedy. Honestly, think about it deeply. Be honest

  3. Someone once gave me an easy tip to prevent such a tragedy. When the driver enters the car should remove one shoe and leave it by the baby’s car seat. This way the driver will not be able to leave the car with only one shoe on and forget the baby!

    This advise really works.

  4. I certainly hope charges will be filed it is irresponsible and criminal and a child is sadly dead. How else will this lesson be learned by other parents if there are no consequences.

  5. Indeed a tragedy. And nebach it happens almost every week in the US, though you might not hear about.

    There have been many ideas for device to prevent this, however, none have had great success. The reason: people don’t buy these devices because they think it can’t happen to them, so why spend money on it?

  6. There are already multiple such products on the market. Google “childminder” or “kidetect” for 2 such products. There is also an app (BabyReminder). For a website that gives instructions for a “low-tech” do it yourself system made out of rubber bands and duct tape, google the E-Z Baby Saver.


  7. #2 i find the use of the word retarded as offensive i literally cringe when people use it in the sense you did please find another way of expressing your disgust.

  8. It’s becoming a plague. Years ago you didn’t hear of people forgetting their children. It must be all the modern day distractions and too much on our minds, cell phones, texting etc. I still do not understand how someone forgets her child in a car. I raised a very large family and I never forgot any child in a car ever and believe me, I was very busy.

  9. there’s a simpler solution: make your children the priority and not the shopping. When material pursuits become the focus of one’s mind, then the child, or even other people, as the mob scenes at certain stores have shown, matter not. Forgetting children in the car is the symptom of the disease of an increasingly gashminut society. If your child cannot be the focus of your life, and parenting cannot be the number one job, then you should not have one.HaShem yerachamim

  10. Dvorahrut:

    Excellent! You hit the nail on the head, unfortunately. You touched on a much bigger subject but unfortunately to many people are in a deep Hashkafic sleep & think (as a previous post stated) the “big” problem in life is the Holy “age-gap” issue. Yeh, that’s it. Dummies!