IDF Soldiers Receive a Most Unwelcomed Greeting in Bnei Brak From ‘Yeshiva Bochrim’


idf logoSoldiers and officers from the IDF Homefront Command visited Bnei Brak. They were not warmly welcomed to put it mildly.

The scene was one of violence at the intersection of Rav Shach and Rav Kotler Streets in Bnei Brak on Sunday evening 11 Tishrei. A group of IDF soldiers arrived near the Itzkowitz Shul, part of a tour of the city, for many of the military personnel, their first and only exposure to the Torah city and frum Jewry. A group of yeshiva bochrim began shouting at the soldiers.

The response from passersby was not supportive, and some actually struck the bochrim for their distasteful reaction to the soldiers’ presence. Things got rough for a period of time and the group become confrontational. B”H at some point the situation calmed down and the group of IDF soldiers left the area.

Residents were pained and angered and the unwanted response of the bochrim, whom they said caused a terrible Chilul Hashem with their actions and words. They explained that instead of showing the soldiers the fine side of Torah life they left with an awful impression of frum Jewry.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It is a bad sign for a country when a significant part of the populations sees the military as the enemy. Such country’s tend to start losing wars. Remember the problems many parts of the country off-duty soldiers were afriad to wear their uniforms in public.

  2. Unbelievable!! What terrible disgusting behavior, especially right after Yom Kippur. And we wonder why they hate us so much? Where were all of the rabbayim? Is this what they are teaching in the yeshivas?
    All of these miserable so called yeshiva bochrim should be thrown out of the yeshiva and forced to clean toilets in the city. That’s the only thing that they are good for.

  3. Total disgrace to Yehsiva’s, and themselves. They should be thrown out of Yeshiva and made to serve in the army. Then, possibly, they will gain respect. I blame their parents as well.the atmosphere is obviously toxic.

  4. This is why some government high ups think bochurim should serve. They need to know what is like to stare down the business end of an AK47. They are ignorant, disgusting excuses for frum Yidden & I’m not surprised that frei soldiers think if this is how religious people behave, they want no part of it.

  5. rabosi relax the first thing u do when u read this is get angry yes right after yom kippur you should be dan leh kaf zcus dont believe everything you hear. 2. do you know what type of yeshiva boys they were who their parents are if they have parents and so on they were not representing bnai brak. i live in boro park and work hard all day but i know first hand that the people of bnai brak have the biggest heart and lets not be the one to judge please look into your own lives and honestly tell me you as a kid never did anything that would cause a chillel hashem we all make mistakes its always easier to knock someone else the way they behave but how do we behave here in america are we cheating in taxes or lying that’s also chillel hashem im not saying these boys are right but im not judging them

  6. what a chutzpah, its one thing to be completely arrogant and say that you shouldn’t have to join the army because you are a so called “yeshiva bochur” but then to go and treat the people that sacrifice their lives for you because your to big of a coward to join yourself and you hide behind the yeshivas well that’s just a whole different level of chutzpah its boys like these that cause the jews all the problems we have these days

  7. these bochurim should have to clean toilets for the rest of their lives people like this should not be part of a regular society they don’t deserve that luxury

  8. Before the new draft law there were far fewer such problems, but now the bochurim feel they have to take a stand in order to stay bnei Torah.

  9. This has nothing to do with the Army/Chareidim Debate. This is a bunch of boys with no Middos, boys who clearly were not taught to be respectful of other people, even those who are differnent from you.
    I wouldn’t even call them Yeshiva boys, they have now given frum Jews all over a bad, bad name. Shame on them. What a Chilul Hashem.

  10. BTW, what ever happened to all the “we’re all brothers and sisters talk?” Or is that only applicable when we’re in trouble? Are we not brothers and sisters all year long? Would anyone here shout insults at their brother or sister?

  11. I’m glad to see that people came to the aid of the soldiers and were disgusted by the appalling behavior of the so called yeshiva students. The mechalelei Hashem should be made to apologize to the soldiers who, after all, are still their brothers.

  12. “business end of an AK47”

    You really want to give a machine gun to someone who feels that the zionists in general, and the army in particular, are the enemies of Torah and Yiddishkeit, and that defeating them is the only way to guarantee Jewish survival??

    There are many precedents for governments conscripting those who oppose the state. It often ends poorly when the conscripts learn how to use their guns, but aim that on their (the conscripts) enemies, not the king’s enemy.

    Accept that there is a disagreement as to whether the future of the Jewish people is to be found in the Torah world or in army life- but why turn it into a civil war with Jews shooting at Jews. If someone opposes the medinah – the last thing you want is to conscript them.

  13. The 1st anecdote to this reprehensible behavior is to revert the name of this street to Rechov Herzl. Every time something like this occurs [hopefully there shan’t be a next time] one more street reverts to it former Zionist name.

  14. This is the fruit of a poisoned tree. There were typically rowdy protests when the Tal law was taken down. 18 year olds were told to not report, or to report but not sign. Soldiers with kipot were chased out of batei knesset, and nazi propaganda look alike pashkevilim were posted all over demeaning and vilifying dati and hareidi enlistees. There was no audible protest from the leadership, and this became the accepted attitude. Were the “boys” expected to show more respect to chiloni soldiers? It would appear that the man in the street has more common sense than absent leadership and associated kanoim and movers and shakers.

  15. what a chillul Hashem disgusting behavior from those guys. They obviously don’t belong in a Yeshiva, kick them out and let them get drafted. I think that is a fitting punishment for them

  16. #10 por

    “Before the new draft law there were far fewer such problems, but now the bochurim feel they have to take a stand in order to stay bnei Torah.”

    Well said


    Civil disobedience ,(even if rude,) is tolerable and acceptable only if/when it’s in accord with YOUR politics?

  17. Akuperma, what on earth are you talking about? I’m not even going to bother explaining my comment to you, it’s too early in the morning. Maybe read it again (although I’m not sure it will make a difference)? Oy.

  18. I think one of the Gedolei Torah in Bnei Brak need to have a talk with these boys about chilul hashem. Years of kiruv work can be undone by such reprehensible behavior