Coalition Angered Following PM’s Decision to Topple Giyur Bill


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bibnThe smell of elections is increasingly present in the Israeli political arena as coalition members are angered over Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s decision to topple the Giyur Bill sponsored by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and party member MK Elazar Stern. The bill according to Gedolei Yisrael Shlita represents a threat to future generations.

Understandably, the most audible voice was that of the justice minister. The Movement party leader Tzipi Livni is threatening to pull her six person party out of the coalition. She had stated in the past that if her bill is blocked this would be the response. For now Livni released an announcement that she will continue seeking to advance the bill and if the government blocks it, she will take it to Knesset in the hope the more liberal factions will stand at her side.

If Livni does leave the coalition, it will remain with a slight majority of 62 in the 120-seat Knesset.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. All who care for the destiny of our nation,need to be strongly ‘makir Tov’,all the while holding his feet to the fire to avoid a potential reneging.

  2. Regardless of political motivation, Bibi will still get reward for standing up for Torah values…. I feel bad for the converts. No Torah Jew would ever marry them under the giyuris proposed by the “liberal ” faction

    Halacha and politics don’t mix.

  3. Livni doesn’t want a jewish state; she opposed Rabbi Eliyahu because of forbidding to sell or rent flats to Arabs. She would be best suited as successor of Abbas.

  4. It’s a no win situation for any population who wants Jewish votes. If the government insists on following halacha, a large and increasing number of Israeli will be mamash goyim since under halacha one can’t convert without the intention of observing mitzvos. On the other hand, if the government supports the secular view that support of zionism and the desire to be part of the Jewish people is enough to convert, a key part of the nationalist base will regard the bulk of Israelis as goyim. Either way a key part of the nationalist base will be alienated.

    The seculars have little Jewish (meaning ShOMER Mitzvos) support, so they aren’t affected.

  5. This should be learning experience for all.

    “Mir darf tun,
    un nach a mul
    Mir darf tun

    mir darf nisht ooftun”

    A bare couple of months ago,it seemed hopeless.Most of ‘oilam’ and even the ‘askanim’ in israel and across the globe,were throwing up their hands and were nearly on the verge of throwing in towel, even with potential of permanently changing the face of klal yisroel in front of them .