Greece Getaway with Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky – Thanksgiving week – Nov 26-Dec 1, 2014


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Greece Getaway Update: There are very few rooms left in the beautiful 5-star seaside resort hotel near Salonika booked for the upcoming Greece Getaway. Nesivos/Jewish Legacy Tours has created an exciting and inspiring 5 day/5 night Getaway led by Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky, world-renowned educator & speaker and Rabbi Doniel Baron, international educator. Rabbi Orlofky’s riveting lectures, down-to-earth personality and humor is the perfect match for Rabbi Baron who will guide us through many of Greece’s most important Jewish sties.

Take part in a fascinating 5 day getaway through some of Europes most ancient Jewish communities dating back to over 2,000 years and the Spanish Inquistion. Enjoy downtime with friends, beautiful dining, and fresh gourmet meals prepared by our fantastic chef! A highlight of the getaway will be an inspiring Shabbos with divrei Torah and a special Melava Malka. The finale of our getaway will be touring Athens with its many famous sites, Jewish Museum, Changing of the Guards, and siyum dinner.

There are very few rooms left for the Greece Getaway. For more information & itinerary contact Nesivos/Jewish Legacy Tours: Tel in US: 917-909-8843 / In Israel: 972-54-528-1991 / In U.K. 44-207-442-5461 / email: [email protected] /