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Live Fire Used in the Death of an Arab Male in Bituniya


It is now permitted to report that a border policeman was arrested on suspicion of using live ammunition during a protest resulting in the death of an Arab male at the Bituniya Checkpoint near Ramallah. The Justice Ministry Police Investigations Department reports live ammunition was used and not rubber-coated bullets as should have been the case. The gag order on the investigation was lifted on Wednesday 19 Marcheshvan. The border policeman was remanded in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court.

Back in July 2014 a PA (Palestinian Authority) pathologist determined that two youths were hit with live fire and not rubber-coated bullets. During the autopsy on one of the victims the bullet was removed from the body. It was given over to the Justice Ministry Police Investigations Department. The bullet was traced back to the border policeman in custody.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

5 Responses

  1. He did a big Mitzvah!!! The arabs will never feel deterred unless ALL of their dastardly deeds are met by brutal force—period no exceptions!

  2. maybe when the arabs hurl rubber coated rocks then we can shoot rubber coated bullets. rocks, in fact do on occasion kill – so what is wrong with responding with live fire? Do it a few times and there will be quiet.

  3. My feelings are that telling the truth – as the govt. is doing here now – is always right. If they had known about this mistake earlier they would/should have admitted it and apologized earlier. As it is, coming clean is the highroad.

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