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WATCH: R’ Duvi Honig at Agudah Convention Speaking About the Pressing Problems of Parnassah

UntitledReb Duvi Honig addresses a special Thursday evening session at the Agudah Convention tackling the parnassah crisis in our community and what we can do to help others succeed. Reb Duvi is the founder and director of several innovative initiatives, including Parnassah Network, Parnassah Expo, Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, Business Kollel Network, and more.

Prior to Reb Duvi’s address, Rabbi Paysach Krohn gave a passionate speech about the importance of dealing with this crisis, as well as some of the great work Reb Duvi has done.

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  1. There is some irony in speaking about “Parnassah Network, Parnassah Expo, Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, Business Kollel Network….”. The biggest step (in a person’s hands) towards finding parnassah is obtaining the necessary education and training to perform a job. Becoming a talmid chacham requires actually shteiging, becoming a chasson requires actually going on dates, becoming a social worker or speech therapist requires studying these areas and obtaining proper training. Most respectable professions such as accounting, law, medicine, therapy, require some education and training. If a large community of people thumb their noses at education and training necessary for jobs, then changing that mentality should be a first step in helping fix the parnassah crisis. Jobs that are suitable for people with no training and no marketable skill sets are typically jobs that don’t pay much and won’t get you very far. Of course there are exceptions of people that made it big in business with zero training, but that’s really a drop in the bucket compared to those who have no training and aren’t able to put food on the table.

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