Heavily Armed Police Storm Sydney Cafe, Several More Hostages Flee, 2 Dead 3 Seriously Injured


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1Police say a hostage situation in Sydney is over after a swarm of heavily armed police stormed a downtown cafe where a gunman had been holding an unknown number of people.

A police spokesman confirmed “the operation is over” early Tuesday but would not release any further details.

Police swooped into the Lindt Chocolat Cafe shortly after five or six hostages were seen running out of the building.

After the police moved in, one weeping woman was helped out by the officers and at least two other people were wheeled out on stretchers.




  1. The australians are waking up from their paradise and slowly realizing what islam is. I think the police in australia were way too cautious in handling this sitch. They were very tactical when they did go in and saved a lot of lives but they didn’t have to wait for the first shot. The woman that was shot can be seen at one point holding the ISis flag to the window; theres a picture of her. One day, hopefully not through such terror they’ll learn that you can’t negotiate with terrorists; for most of the day and maybe even now they didn’t call him jihadist or terrorist. They called him the “hostage taker”