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Brooklyn Boro President Eric Adams Statement Of Murder of Two NYPD Officers

adams“As a 22-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, a Brooklynite and, most importantly, as a human being that believes in decency, I am horrified and angered over today’s senseless shootings in Bedford-Stuyvesant which have resulted in the tragic death of two of New York’s Finest. I hope that every single person, regardless of their background or ideology, will join me in praying for the families of these fallen heroes, as well as for their brothers and sisters in policing who protect this city tonight with tremendous sorrow in their hearts. No task is more sacred than ensuring the public safety of our communities, and we must continue to support those men and women that are putting their lives at risk to look after our own.

“This has been a trying period for New York City, and indeed our entire nation, as we have wrestled with longstanding challenges of equity and fair treatment in our society. I have been among those that have called for reforms to our law enforcement and criminal justice systems. However, it must be perfectly clear that reform can never and must never mean retaliation; this is a fundamental tenet that I do believe I share with every law-abiding New Yorker, including those who have responsibly exercised their right to expression in recent weeks.

“As we move forward in the difficult days ahead, we must be united, not divided. We can disagree, but we must not be disagreeable toward each other in a way that may create fissures between us. I hope that we will honor the memory of all of those we have lost to senseless violence, including these officers, and build a path to a safer and more just city that cares for every one of us.

“Just this past week, I held a moment of silence outside Brooklyn Borough Hall, where we beat a drum seven times to remember seven NYPD officers who lost their lives this year. I carry a heavy heart knowing we must add two more drum beats to that terrible tally tonight.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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