Election Briefs: Sunday, 6 Teves 5775


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likud· The Likud primaries will be held on Wednesday, 9 Teves.

· Walla News editor Yinon Magal joins Bayit Yehudi list. He is being promised a secured slot by party leader Naftali Bennett.

· Yisrael Beitenu leader FM Avigdor Lieberman continues insisting corruption case is timed to harm his party in upcoming elections.

· Former Peace Now activist Dr. Anat Roth to run for a slot on Bayit Yehudi ticket.

· The head of the Likud’s To’eva forum will seek a slot in the upcoming primaries.

· American born Uri Banks joins list of contenders in Bayit Yehudi. He has tried, albeit without success, to enter Knesset in last few elections.

· Amir Peretz (The Movement) told the Knesset Channel “If I ran in the primaries I would receive a much higher spot on the lineup but I will take the slot given, number eight on the ticket”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)