Cache of Jewelry Stolen from Kiryas Joel Residence


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NY State Police in Monroe were called to a burglary that had occurred in the afternoon at a residence in Monroe, NY.

State Police tell YWN that the homeowner had left the residence for a short time to run errands and when she returned home, she noticed her jewelry boxes missing from the bedroom of the residence. Further inspection of the residence revealed that her husbands high end watches were missing as well. Some of the items taken were a ladies Roger Dubuis 18K white gold watch, a men’s Hublot Chronograph watch, a men’s Audemars Piguet Geneve 18K yellow gold watch, a mens Paul Picot Technograph watch, a mens Jaeger Le Coultre Master Grande watch, (5) Breitling watches and numerous diamond jewelry items including rings, necklaces and bracelets.

An investigation is ongoing at this time and anyone having information related to it can contact the State Police in Monroe at 845-782-7574.


(YWN Desk – NYC)



  1. You gotta wonder about anyone who would leave such expensive jewelery in “jewelery boxes” at home. They obviously had made their ownership of these items public since it very unlikely that the thieves knew exactly which house to rob in the short time they were out for “errands”. Ever hear of a safe deposit box or vault at home? Hopefully the KJ police will solve this crime and return their items.

  2. If the home owner left for a small time and the expensive items were taken from the bedroom, and the living room not messed up, it sounds like an inside job. the ganav seems to know what he is looking for and was waiting for his opportunity to get in.