Baby Boy Born to Jerusalem Couple After 8 Years: Doctors Said it’s Impossible


mtoRabbi Moshe Schlesinger, CEO of the Pri Chaim organization, was invited to attend a bris, not just any bris. The couple lives in Yerushalayim and has waited eight years to bring a child into the world. After doctors decided there is not medical feasibility to the parents’ dream, doctors at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital took part in the emotional delivery of the little boy who came into the world healthy and well B’chasdei Hashem despite their expert opinion that it could not happen.

Rabbi Schlesinger has been assisting couple for over 25 years. “We have been at this couple’s side for a number of years and I was aware of the expert opinion of the doctors. Despite this, I insisted they continue with a certain therapy that I thought might yield results. I am delighted that B”H HKBH gave me the right direction to assist this couple and they have merited a son after eight years of disappointment. I merited attending the bris and there was not a dry eye. It was simply emotional to see this wonderful couple holding this child despite the doctors saying otherwise”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)