VIDEO: IDF Civil Administration Razes Shomron Homes


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Agents of the IDF Civil Administration on Tuesday morning 28 Shevat arrived in the Shomron to carry out orders to destroy illegal homes in Geulat Tzion. Four homes in that community were taken down. Two additional structures in the nearby outpost of Hadaat were taken down.

Police report residents of nearby Adi Ad smashed windows of bulldozers and one arrest was made, reportedly for assaulting a border policeman.

Civil Administration officials report the structures were built on state lands without authorization.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The Civil Administration (‘Haminhal Haezrachi’) is not and has never been part of the IDF. In fact, it was established in order to remove the administration of the territories from the IDF.

  2. It’s possible they only have a month to tear down houses, since if next coalition might not be a supportive of the IDF in evicting settlers as the current coalition was. Oon the other hand, if the nationalist parties continue to insist on conscripting hareidi yeshiva students, and one ends up with a Labor led coalition (put over the top by the hareidim in return for cancelling conscription), most the settlements will probably be torn down.

  3. The decision was made in court already. What are they thinking by obstructing the army from “carrying out their orders”? Its like they’re fighting with the Marshals when they come to kick them out. Did the “residents” think that the army would say: oh well they are getting in the way, so lets just leave? Not pleasant on either side.