Supreme Court Reverses Election Committee Ruling on Marzel & Zoabi


zoabiA special panel of nine Supreme Court justices convened on Wednesday, 29 Shevat, to hear the appeals from Yachad party candidate Baruch Marzel and Arab MK Hanin Zoabi. The two were disqualified from running in the 20th Knesset race by the Central Election Committee. The court vote 8-1 to reverse the decision. Justice Elyakim Rubinstein was the dissenting voice.

In a press conference following the court’s ruling, Marzel explained his simcha is incomplete, explaining the court’s ruling regarding Zoabi.

“There are Jews who love Eretz Yisrael, Toras Yisrael, the State of Israel, and the IDF, and there is one who wishes to destroy the state and fight against the Jewish country, and therefore, my joy is not complete”.

He explained he hoped the court would wipe the smile from Zoabi’s face, but this did not occur.

Eli Yishai praised the court’s ruling, telling the media he is pleased that Marzel remains on the ticket. When asked about Zoabi, he told the media “It is shocking to me that one who injured IDF soldiers during the Marvi Marmara will be sitting in the 20th Knesset. She challenges Israel’s sovereignty daily with each passing hour”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It isn’t a democracy if the opposition is banned.

    And in all fairness, Zoabi is less anti-Jewish that a large number of the hiloni members of the Kenesset.

  2. We aren’t banning people with whom we disagree. We are banning people who actively work against their own government and endorse the country’s enemies

  3. this is weird
    here in YWN you show a pic of zoabi, but in Kikar Shabbos, where the same article appears, they show a pic of marzel
    and yes, KS does allow pix of women on its site

    v’tzorich iyun

  4. Here comes stupid another comment from akuperma the closet neturei karta spokesman on the blog. How can one compare marzel to zoabi? The case against zoabi is not about being part of the opposition. Obviously a democracy requires the right of opposing values to run for office. But this has nothing to do with that. She is sworn to the destruction of the state of Israel. She has openly declared herself to be the enemy. When one runs for office in the United States of America, he is sworn to uphold the constitution of the USA. A member of ISIS cannot run for office. She is no different. So please stop your cynical attempt to hide behind the veil of democracy. Marzel is correct, in saying that he was only partially victorious.

  5. uzbek: The form and structure of the Israeli state will vary over time. It will have good years and bad years. It will come and go. It, like all states, is effemeral.

    Torah and Mitsvos are forever. In a thousand years they will look back and will see, as we do looking backwards, that Jewish survival in our time, as it was in our ancestors times, a matter of Jews learning Torah and devoting their lives to doing Mitsvos. They won’t look back and marvel at our high tech, or Tel Aviv’s infamous night life, or the IDF’s military prowess.

    What Zoabi and her allies want is irrelevant. It isn’t a threat to us in the long term. What the hiloni politicians want, with their desire to uproot a society based on Torah and Mitsvos, is the only existential threat to the Jewish people.

  6. The supreme court seem like supreme idiots to me! How on earth can one allow someone who is bent on the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state be allowed to sit in the knesset!

  7. The US put up with Vito Marcantonio doing Stalin’s bidding in the US House of Representatives for over a dozen years, and somehow survived. Interestingly, he was initially elected as a Republican.

  8. Akuperma: You are mixing 2 separate issues in order to justify outrageous actions. The struggle against chilonim and the fight for the survival of the Jewish people are 2 separate issues. You are right that Torah and mitzvos are eternal, and for that reason we must fight for our survival. It is far from irrelevant. According to toras emes as brought down in shulchon oruch the code of Jewish law, pikuach nefesh supercedes everything else in Torah. Therefore the defense of the Jewish people takes PRIORITY over any struggle with the chilonim. And to say the opposite is to say the opposite of toras emes.
    A strong military is not about prowess. Its mandatory according to torah. It is true that there are challenges to religious life in Israel and yes the nightlife and many other aspects of the state are not in accordance with torah, but nevertheless the defense of the people take precedence because torah tells us so.

  9. In one respect, it’s good to have Zoabi in the public eye. She highlights what most Arabs are about, something the Israeli Left needs to be reminded of all the time.

  10. The whole banning them was a joke, even I knew the decision would be reversed. The only hope of getting rid of Zoabi is deportation, or she gets in the middle of a terrorist attack & is caught. It’s just crazy stupid allowing such a hatefilled thug to be an MK. And my tax money keeps her living the high life. Disgusting.