Some Leftists will Boycott Election in Protest of Ballot Slips Printed in the Shomron


voteAfter it was learned that the voting ballots for the 20th Knesset elections are being printed in Karnei Shomron, members of the radical left-wing have stated that since they boycott products from “settlements” this will not be an exception and they will not take place in the elections.

Arab Members of Knesset complained to the Central Election Committee about the ballots being printed in a “settlement” but were told “they are Israelis too and they have an Israeli flag”, basically ignoring the Arab MKs’ complaint.

Gush Shalom spokesman Adam Keller announced on Monday 3 Adar that the printing of the ballot slips in “occupied territory” is a violation of international law and a stumbling block to peace with the PA (Palestinian Authority)”.

Keller also feels the government does not have the right to fund “businesses in settlements without asking us, and this is not the only such case. This is infuriating but the money already went to the owner of the business and it does not matter if the ballot slips are used or not. Boycotting the election will not diminish his profit by even a single agora”.

Hence Keller fells the left-wingers are obligated to get out and vote on Election Day to oust the current administration.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Given the way proportional representation works, it is unlikely anyone would boycott an election UNLESS they were supporters of a movement that isn’t represented on the ballot.