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Over 99 Percent of votes Counted: Likud Takes the Election

bibWith over 99% of the votes tabulated, officials report Likud has 30 seats while Labor/The Movement only has 24 seats, bringing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a decisive victory.

According to the information released the morning following the elections, Wednesday, 27 Adar, 99.7% of the votes have been counted and contrary to all of the exit polls, Likud has a considerable lead over the Labor party.

Following are the results updated Wednesday morning:
Likud: 30
Labor/The Movement: 24
Arab bloc: 13
Yesh Atid: 11
Kulanu: 10
Bayit Yehudi: 8
Shas: 7
Yahadut Hatorah: 7
Yisrael Beitenu: 6
Meretz: 4
Yachad: 0

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

2 Responses

  1. With 99.5% counted, Likud went up to 30 and UTJ down to 6.

    So it seems Yishai’s new party likely cost Shas three seats even though they failed to make it in themselves. UTJ lost a seat as a result of their own split. The Arabs gained a whopping three seats more than last time thanks to Lieberman’s implemented change raising the electoral threshold law. Lieberman himself took a beating. Bennett took a bath with Likud taking away a good number of his seats and Likud becoming bigger than any expectations. Labor did okay but not enough to form a coalition unless Kulanu pulls a fast one on everyone and allies themselves with Herzog.

    The likely result is a Netanyahu coalition where he needs the Chareidim and will give them back their draft deferments and yeshiva funding. He can’t form a coalition without the Chareidim unless he creates a national unity government with Labor, something he abhors far more and something Herzog wouldn’t even agree to unless Netanyahu splits the premiership halfway through the term, something Bibi would never agree with.

  2. Ploni cost the chareidim seats. . . Disagreement cost the chareidim seats. . . That’s
    what you get. . .

    Nonsense! In the end, the government will need the chareidim and there is a good chance, birtzos HaShem, that the gezeiros will be removed.

    So in the end it seems tefilah helps and the AL-mighty runs the world. . . No surprises here.

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