Family Announces The ‘Sassoon Children Memorial Fund’


sasThe Sassoon family tells YWN that an official fund has been established for all those who wish to donate, and a Sefer Torah is being written in their memory that people can donate to as well.

The fund is called the “Sassoon Children Memorial Fund”, and is part of the Jewish Communal Fund. The family of the fire victims have established a charitable fund that will assist parents struggling under extreme financial burden with Yeshiva tuition. The Sassoon Children Memorial Fund has no overhead or expenses and will be guided by community Rabbonim.

The link below will take people directly to JCF’s website where they can make a secure credit card contribution to “Sassoon Children Memorial Fund” at Jewish Communal Fund.

Additionally, checks may be made payable to JCF (Fund name should be in the memo or note) and sent to

Jewish Communal Fund
575 Madison Avenue
Suite 703
New York, NY 10022


The Sefer Torah fund which has been approved by the family is being written by the Misaskim Organization as an everlasting tribute to the Sassoon children Z”L, and as a zechus for Refua Shelaima for Gila bas Francis, and Tziporah bas Gila.


(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. This picture is beyond … there are no words… only tears. They are sooooo beautiful – each one!- with chein pnimi shining on their faces. malachim. Ve’kol bet Yisrael yivku et hasreifa asher saraf Hashem

  2. As adults we all have our opinions and we’re not shy to say them. Last week we all had an opinion on which party to vote for, and which candidate is proper and who is not.
    HKBH wants us to be like children, to love and respect each other. These precious kids are a Korban to Am Yisrael, and let all this crying should elevate our character to a higher level

  3. Thanks for posting and giving me the opportunity to donate. I must say looking at that family picture gets me sick to my stomach, im really having a hard time coping with this im sure im not alone