BREAKING: NYPD Officer Likely To Die After Shooting Himself In Brooklyn


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An off-duty NYPD Officer is fighting for his life after shooting himself, Sunday afternoon.

The incident happened just before 4:00PM at 7171 Narrows Avenue in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. reports that the officer was transported in traumatic arrest, and CPR is being performed. He was rushed to the Lutheran Trauma Center in Brooklyn with a heavy NYPD escort and an NYPD chopper overhead.

It appears the officer does not work in the area that he shot himself since NYPD protocol does not allow officers to work in their home precincts. This incident happened in the confines of the 68th Precinct in the officers home. later reported that the man is a Sergeant at the NYPD’s 84 Precinct in Brooklyn.

Additional information will be published as it becomes available.



  1. Just so you know Avreimi, when EMS arrives with only two people per ambulance. So for this case that means one drives and one stabulizes while medics are needed it to give mess and CPR. Thanks for your concern.