MK Meir Porush: Yahadut Hatorah is Not Close to a Deal


porMedia reports on ongoing coalition negotiations signal that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is close to signing a deal with chareidi parties – Shas and Yahadut Hatorah. In fact, some reports indicate that an informal agreement was already signed with Yahadut Hatorah.

MK Meir Porush tells the media this is not so and his party has not signed any coalition agreement or pre-agreement document. Porush adds there are still matters of significance that must be discussed and worked out.

In an interview with Kol Berama Radio, Likud MK Danny Danon said that unfortunately coalition talks are held up “not because of ideology but because the players are overly concerned with cabinet appointments”.

Minister of Communications (Likud) Gilad Erdan in an interview with Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) Erdan said “As the days continue passing and the nationalist parties remain inflexible, the prime minister will not have alternatives other than turning to the Zionist Camp (Labor Party/ The Movement party) and this is not our preferred option”.

Regarding the reported secret meeting between the prime minister and Labor party leader Yitzchak Herzog, Erdan stated he is unaware of any such meeting taking place.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. All Netanyahu has to do is threaten not to repeal the conscription law, and the hareidi parties are, as the goyim say “up the creek without a paddle.” And in return for not repealing his pet law, and excluding hareidim from the government, Yair Lapid and Yesh Atid will be easy to recruit.

  2. #1

    Netanyahu threw Yesh Atid out

    and primarily due to

    the Jewish Nation law


    due to

    Yisrael hayom law

    and even more so due to sentiment and [hopefully] aspirations