Rosh Yeshiva Living In Kfar Chabad Arrested by Military Police for being AWOL from the IDF


idffThree military policemen arrived at the home of Rosh Yeshivas Mishkan Moshe of Yerushalayim to arrest him as he is listed as AWOL (Absent without Official Leave) from IDF service. The arrest was made earlier this week.

The rebitzen told the media police arrived at 12:20 in civilian garb. They instructed her husband to come with them and that he is under arrest for failing to report for military service.

Military police were in his home about two months ago, but he was not at home. The rosh yeshiva hired an attorney following that earlier visit to probe the situation. He explains he was never summoned for military service but IDF records indicate he received numerous notices, all of which were ignored. The rebitzen adds that her husband requested pushing off military service a number of times and to the best of their knowledge he is categorized as one studying Torah fulltime. She adds that following the earlier visit two months earlier, he was going to go to an induction center but she was about to give birth.

At present, the rav is in IDF Prison 4. Askanim and chareidi MKs are working to obtain his release.

The parents have six children, the youngest being a month old.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. and people ask why hareidim regard army soldiers as the mortal enemy?????

    The Israelis have chosen to make the IDF uniform a symbol of opposition to Torah and MItsvos.

  2. All this will simply slow down coalition negotiations, because Yahadut hatOrah & Shas shall surely not sign any agreement so long as this Rosh Yeshiva is languishing in jail.

  3. I dunno…The Israeli government and the IDF are certainly not Tzadikim…but something smells in this story….There’s gotta be more to this story.

  4. Most of those who comment ‘for’ the army and against the frummers, are people who don’t even know what’s going on in this country – they make flippant and biased comments, and continue on with life, not even realising what hatred they spew against those who truly want to sit and learn, without all the pritzus in the army

  5. #1, it’s the courts, not the IDF, DM Yaalon did not want to induct haareidim.
    The IDF has it’s rules, it’s no reason to hate the people who serve in it.
    My son also went to Prison 4 when he returned to Israel from the US.
    We don’t hate the IDF.
    I have another son who just finished his active phase of the IDF and was called up to Gaza.
    One should hate those who try to protect other Jews and must live in spiritually challenging situations?
    Strange idea.
    I think hate gets us nowhere and HKBH wants us to love other Jews despite our differences.
    I do hope that, in this case, this Rosh Yeshiva will be returned soon to his family and that it will all be resolved.B”H.

  6. And the other Yiddishe parents who daily protect the Jewish People in Eretz Yisroel do not have children and wives and parents and siblings??

  7. Wrong again kuperman! Don’t speak for Israelis, you are clueless, as usual. It is a percentage of chareidim who feel that way, not majority of our country.