Israel: Over 7,000 Children Were Removed from Their Homes Last Year


chFor too many Israeli children, their home, the place that should represent love and provide a safe haven from the fears of the world has become the source of their nightmares. The Ministry of Welfare reports that last year, over 7,000 children were removed from high-risk homes and placed in centers for such children. They are now working to find suitable homes for more of this children in the hope of giving them a fair chance at building a life by receiving the love and understanding every child requires.

These are children that have been subjected to physical and verbal abuse and social workers determined they must be removed from their homes for their own protection. The ministry places the exact number of children removed from their homes last year at 7,130. Of that number, parents requested removing the children in the case of 5,000 children and the remainder were removed in compliance with a court order.

Menachem and Devorah Leah Kadosh are married for two years, still without biological children. However, the children removed from their homes have become their family at Ohr Simcha Dormitory in Kfar Chabad, which has become home for many at-risk children. Mrs. Kadosh feels it is important that instead of just seeing counselors there is a couple and children feel a mother and father, hoping to create a ‘home’ atmosphere for them all.

Ohr Simchas Director Mendy Noivel adds “At the end of the day we want to see them leave here armed with the correct tools”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Were all those children really at risk or…? Just remember what the zionists did 60 years ago when they remmoved hundreds or thousands children from religious healthy sfardi families!