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HaRav Shalom Cohen: We Thank HKBH – We are All United

cohThe Shas party Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael convened on Tuesday night 16 Iyar, when the rabbonim shlita were briefed by Aryeh Deri as to the details of the coalition agreement. The rabbonim already gave their approval to the main points of the coalition agreement but they convened to hear the details that were not available earlier. The rabbonim heard words of praise for party leader Deri, who closed the deal with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Council head HaGaon HaRav Shalom Cohen Shlita, who made reference to the “difficult period” during the last years while Shas was in opposition. “I am happy and thank HKBH who merited us to be totally united, “שכולה אגודה אחת”.

Rav Cohen added “We are united as one, as we were when we received the Torah, one heart and HKBH will guide us to do only that which will glorify His Name”.

The council, which convened in Rav Cohen’s home, is expected to convene again this week at which time the decision will be made as to who will receive the respective ministerial, deputy ministerial and Knesset committee appointments allocated to Shas in the coalition agreement.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. an agudah with amalek?

    ki yad al keis kah

    oh, sorry, money and kavod is involved over here, everything is alright

  2. Wow you are all losing you’re olom haba don’t you think?
    People that comment like that mistama and for sure have a lot of problems in life and not only that, they bring problems to however sorunds them too.
    Do you really want to be that person that can’t have kids, or can’t get a shiduch, or cannot educate your kids on the derech hatora, or cannot marry them of easily, or any problem that could come to the person?
    Of course not, so maybe try avoiding those comments that are the comments that brought the holocoust to the world.

  3. Most folks here that backed Bibi are disgusted that he formed alliances with these kind of people. They are only in it for money and finding jobs for their cronies.
    They will be keeping the ultra orthodox in poverty, causing resentment in the other parts of the population, and in general setting back all progress that has been made in building bridges between the religious/secular parts of society be insisting all Jewish law be decided in only the most strict interpretation.

  4. His predecessor often made similar statement
    in the years past – and was derided just the same

    Rav Cohen is a tremendous Talmud Chacham ,few are of his caliber.

    One perhaps may privately presume the he is a little naive and being led astray by Deri

    But the writers of the above comments will one day be forced to give a דין וחשבון

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