Nepal Hit by a 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake [UPDATED 12:22 IL]


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quake.jpgThe damage to Nepal from the recent earthquake was devastating, with a death toll in the thousands. The US Geological Survey reported on Tuesday, 23 Iyar, than another quake hit, measuring 7.3 in magnitude. The latest quake struck a remote area near the border with China. According to various news agency reports, the shockwaves of the most recent quake were felt across northern India, and as far away as New Delhi, with the latter being about 550 miles west of the quake’s epicenter.

There have been aftershocks since the major quake that hit Nepal on 6 Iyar, which measured 7.8, but they arrived within days of the major quake. This hit as the population was just beginning to relax following that recent tragedy.

11:53 IL: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with Nepal’s ambassador to Israel to offer Israel’s aid following today’s earthquake. There are reports of fatalities and casualties as was the case in the quake that struck a number of weeks ago.

11:57: The international airport in Katmandu has been shut due to the earthquake that struck today.

12:22 IL: Chabad Shaliach in Nepal, Rav Lifshitz reports this quake felt stronger than the one a number of weeks ago, reporting significant damage.

The media reports “many injured” but no numbers are being released at this time.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)